Free Camping across Canada

Whenever Mike and I were planning our honeymoon road tour across Canada to Alaska I remember searching the web for blogs or any kind of information I could get on free camping.  I… Continue reading


Think back to when you were a kid, how did you enjoy winter?  For me, it was being pulled behind a skidoo on a sleigh, ice fishing, skiing in my backyard followed by… Continue reading

Second Trimester

Today I am officially in my third trimester and I want to reflect on my second trimester because it really was an amazing 3 months.  Some will say that you will “feel your best”… Continue reading

White Picket Fence

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about traveling around the world or the country.   Most of these articles are about people who live in their vehicles or work abroad in order… Continue reading


Dear Greater Madawaska, Before I begin my litter rant (and it’s been awhile) I want everyone to know that I am not blaming the township of Madawaska for anything. I am simply addressing… Continue reading

Griffith Uplands Trail

This past weekend we decided to go and explore a trail and area that was new to us, the Griffith Uplands Trail. I have been to Griffith many times but have never done… Continue reading

Manitou Mountain Trails

Fall is probably the only time of the year where I really appreciate hiking. It’s almost impossible to hike around here in the Spring and Summer due to the extremely high amount of… Continue reading

First Trimester

I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog about my pregnancy but after the amount of blogs I have read about pregnancy I figured someone out there may find this helpful and… Continue reading

Our Honeymoon – The Return

So remember that time that Mike and I drove to Alaska for our honeymoon? And remember how we never really posted any photos on the way home? Well there’s a reason for that…… Continue reading

Fall into Ontario’s Highlands

The end of summer is near as we make the push to get enough wood ready for the upcoming winter, put away our summer clothes and take out our winter gear.  I’ve never… Continue reading