Dear Greater Madawaska, Before I begin my litter rant (and it’s been awhile) I want everyone to know that I am not blaming the township of Madawaska for anything. I am simply addressing… Continue reading

Griffith Uplands Trail

This past weekend we decided to go and explore a trail and area that was new to us, the Griffith Uplands Trail. I have been to Griffith many times but have never done… Continue reading

Manitou Mountain Trails

Fall is probably the only time of the year where I really appreciate hiking. It’s almost impossible to hike around here in the Spring and Summer due to the extremely high amount of… Continue reading

First Trimester

I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog about my pregnancy but after the amount of blogs I have read about pregnancy I figured someone out there may find this helpful and… Continue reading

Our Honeymoon – The Return

So remember that time that Mike and I drove to Alaska for our honeymoon? And remember how we never really posted any photos on the way home? Well there’s a reason for that…… Continue reading

Fall into Ontario’s Highlands

The end of summer is near as we make the push to get enough wood ready for the upcoming winter, put away our summer clothes and take out our winter gear.  I’ve never… Continue reading

Back To School

Getting Ready For School   Sadly, summer is quickly coming to an end.  With only a few weeks left of warm water and green leaves it is time to start thinking about getting… Continue reading

Our Honeymoon Part VIII – ALASKA

Really, the title of this post should probably be glaciers, grizzly bears and bald eagles because now when I hear Alaska those three things are what will always come to my mind. But… Continue reading

Our Honeymoon Part VII – The Yukon

I should really be putting the Yukon into a couple different posts but because I am getting behind with my writing I have to squeeze this beautiful place into one post. The Yukon… Continue reading

Our Honeymoon Part VI- Alaskan Highway

Before we got to the Alaskan Hwy we took a short cut from Chetwynd. It was a beautiful sunny day and within seconds the sky turned this burnt orange colour and it looked… Continue reading