Handling Bug Season

If you live in Eastern Ontario or many other parts of Canada (or Florida, I hear) then you are familiar with bug season. It happens shortly after all the snow has melted and… Continue reading

Baby Bump

I really didn’t think I would do baby bump photos but after I received a couple requests from friends and family I decided to give it a try. I looked on Pinterest for… Continue reading

Happy Earth Day 2015

Most of my posts regarding Earth Day usually end up being negative. I am always venting about people littering and trying to convince people to help by picking up litter. This year I… Continue reading

Backyard Sugarin’

This was our 3rd year making maple syrup and each year is a new learning experience for us. Our 3rd year is much different than our first year.  We stepped it up a… Continue reading

Lux’s Birth Story

I can’t even count the number of birth stories I read in order to prepare myself for my own. I am writing this not only for my own memory but for others who… Continue reading

Third Trimester

I didn’t realize that when I would be writing my third trimester blog I would have my baby sleeping on my chest while writing. Most people had me convinced that I would be… Continue reading

My last day of work for a year

Yesterday (Friday), was my last day of work for a whole year.  It worked out that my last day would be the day before March Break so it hasn’t really hit me yet… Continue reading

Calabogie Ice Castle

When Ontario’s Highlands first posted about there being an Ice Castle in Calabogie, I didn’t believe it.  I thought “how could there be an ice castle in Calabogie and I don’t know about… Continue reading

Ice climbing Pregnant – 2015 Ice Recap

I get a lot of interesting reactions when people find out I am ice climbing pregnant.  Ice climbers seem to think that it is awesome and they praise me for staying active, but… Continue reading

Maple Syrup for Beginners

After eating a delicious pancake breakfast this morning I got really excited thinking about maple syrup season.  Last year we actually produced enough maple syrup to give some away plus we still have… Continue reading