Our First Family Trip – Whistler

Our second week of our family trip took us to Whistler.  We had a condo rented right in the village and we had two main goals for our week in Whistler – Ride… Continue reading

Our First Family Trip – Vancouver

We came to Vancouver for a week before my sister’s wedding and it was our first family trip.  Our daughter just turned 4 months old so it was her first time on a… Continue reading

Cloth Diaper Essentials

Cloth diapering was something that my husband and I really wanted to do with our little one.  Not only does it save us a ton of money but it is better for the… Continue reading

The Perfect Scoop

After my husband and I made a stop for icecream one night we started critiquing it… Saying things like “good size, expensive, friendly service, fresh cones, etc”. That’s when we got the idea… Continue reading

3 months in

I’m almost four months into motherhood and I have to say, I’m loving every minute of it.   When I was pregnant I thought I’d be able to continue the same activities we… Continue reading

Transition into Motherhood

  I should probably wait to write this so I don’t get anymore “just you wait” comments but I feel that I am ready to talk about my transition into motherhood. During my… Continue reading

Handling Bug Season

If you live in Eastern Ontario or many other parts of Canada (or Florida, I hear) then you are familiar with bug season. It happens shortly after all the snow has melted and… Continue reading

Baby Bump

I really didn’t think I would do baby bump photos but after I received a couple requests from friends and family I decided to give it a try. I looked on Pinterest for… Continue reading

Happy Earth Day 2015

Most of my posts regarding Earth Day usually end up being negative. I am always venting about people littering and trying to convince people to help by picking up litter. This year I… Continue reading

Backyard Sugarin’

This was our 3rd year making maple syrup and each year is a new learning experience for us. Our 3rd year is much different than our first year.  We stepped it up a… Continue reading