Hell or Highwater

Yesterday was the fifth year for the whitewater event, Hell or Highwater. This event is held in the town of Petawawa and it was started to raise awareness of the importance of the… Continue reading

This is why I love Ontario

Growing up I loved where I lived. My parents have a large piece of property that I was able to enjoy as a kid. When I got a bit older (teenage years), I… Continue reading

It makes me feel alive

Mike made me my first ever kayaking video. It is just a series of the GoPro footage we took from running Constance Creek the other night. I have ran it 3 times this… Continue reading

My Climbing Mentality

I don’t know why or how I became like this, but I overthink everything. I mean everything. If there is a situation, I am going through every possible “what if” in my head… Continue reading

Smore addiction

Alright, well this one is not going to be so much about my love for the outdoors but more so my love for smores. I would like to say they go together in… Continue reading

From water to rock

Last summer was the first time I ever went rockclimbing outdoors. I had been to an indoor gym in Ottawa a couple times and always wanted to try going outdoors but I didn’t… Continue reading

You can’t learn how to drive by sitting in the passenger seat

I started kayaking when I was a little girl but I just started whitewater kayaking a year or so ago. Although, even though I started awhile ago, I was not able to get… Continue reading

Trying Stuff

Lately I have been reading on twitter about people becoming sponsored and I have always wondered how they do so. I get that they are probably really good at something but what about… Continue reading