Tips for finding a good climbing partner

It took me awhile to find a good climbing partner but here are some tips and things I tried while I was looking that I found helpful and not so helpful. Indoor Climbing… Continue reading


Here’s a few quotes that might help someday, (I can’t site all my sources because I don’t know where I got a lot of these from, sorry) Believe and as you believe you… Continue reading

Litter Bugs

Another litter rant. I apologize to those who don’t care but once again I need to vent. Yesterday my friends and I went to Limestone Lake to fish. The last time I posted… Continue reading

Girls night

I have always been a bit of an adventure junkie and outdoor enthusiast. I love being out on the water or sitting by a fire. I use to find it hard to find… Continue reading

Leave only footprints

I know this won’t be the most interesting blog for some people but I am more so writing it because I need to vent. During the week we try to do atleast one… Continue reading

24 Hours in Nunavut

I was recently given the opportunity to go to Iqaluit, Nunavut for 24 hours. My immediate reaction was a huge smile and a big “YES”! This past Saturday I headed off to Iqaluit… Continue reading

New Routes = New Project

May long weekend is one of my favourite long weekends for the simple fact that it usually is the weekend that marks the beginning of summer (even though summer doesn’t technically start til… Continue reading

Mandatory Bug Jacket season

Some people will ask my why I wear a bug jacket, this is why: Just watch the video. I love being outside and they won’t stop me. This is where a bug jacket… Continue reading

Shared Passions

I find it interesting looking through the stats on my blog. The one blog that got the most views was a blog where I mentioned a “past relationship”. Not only did I get… Continue reading

Kayaking vs Climbing

I recently fell in love with both sports, but cannot decide which one I like more. The best part about it is… I don’t have to pick a favourite. Kayaking If you’ve read… Continue reading