Linkletter Provincial Park in PEI

We were traveling from Ontario to Prince Edwards Island with our 2 month old and our 2 year old and we decided to save some money one night and camp instead of staying at a hotel before arriving at our destination.  Since this decision was last minute we looked into camping at Cavendish but it was booked solid and then I came across Linkletter Provincial Park.

We booked a site at the back that was fairly shaded and away from the crowd.  It was very well maintained and quiet which was nice when it came time to putting the girls to bed.


Lux’s favourite part was the play ground.  All she needs is a set of swings or a slide and she can be entertained for hours. There were two different play grounds on site.  They weren’t anything special but like I said, swings and slides, that’s all she needs and she’s in her happy place.



The mosquitos were bad at our site.  And this is coming from a girl who was raised in the country and currently lives in the middle of the bush next to a swamp where the mosquitos are so bad that at certain times of the day you don’t even want to go outside.  Bug jackets and bug repellent aren’t even enough to keep them away.  But this wasn’t the campgrounds fault.  That’s just how mother nature works.  I guess I just wasn’t expecting them to be so bad by the ocean because I thought the wind would keep them away.  We walked along the ocean a lot because the bugs weren’t bad when we were right by the water.  Our daughter loved looking at the jelly fish, snail tracks, looking for sea shells and digging in the sand.






There was a fire ban on so when we weren’t at the play ground or on the beach we were in the tent.  We spent the evening reading story after story, singing songs, telling stories, playing games (like I spy) and then waiting for the girls to fall asleep.




Lux’s first time camping was at Driftwood Provincial Park in Ontario when she was 5 months old and Ivy’s first time camping was at Linkletter Provincial Park in PEI when she was 2 months old.  I know neither of them will remember their first time camping but I always will.