Ivy’s Birth Story

I was “due” May 4th and was assuming I would give birth early since Lux came early but I found myself waiting for our new one to arrive and I was growing impatient.  Not because I wasn’t enjoying pregnancy, I actually like being pregnant but I was starting to get worried about what would happen if this baby liked my uterus so much that she/he didn’t want to come out.  I mean, there is a point in time where they can’t stay in there any longer and I can’t be pregnant forever.


On may 7th (3 days past my “guess date”), Mike, Lux and I went grocery shopping and I had a craving for ice-cream so we went to McDonald’s but instead of ice-cream I ended up getting a Big Mac meal.  It was the second time I ate McDonald’s during my whole pregnancy.  Around 3:30pm I started experiencing cramps which I thought nothing of because I assumed they were just your typical McDonald’s shit cramps (TMI, I know, but this is a birth story after all).  Around 4:30 I realized they were consistent, and about 10 – 15 minutes apart.  At 5:30pm I sat down with Mike and Lux to eat supper.  I was able to eat but had to get up once through our meal to walk off a pressure wave (aka contraction).  I called my midwife around 6:30pm to let her know things were happening and my pressure waves were getting stronger.  She got to our house around 7:30pm.  At this point Mike had bathed Lux and she was in her crib ready for bed.  While waiting for my midwife, I walked around the house talking to myself, preparing myself for what was to come.

Suzanne (my midwife) checked me out when she got to our house and everything was going well.  The baby’s heartbeat was good and I was around 3-4cm dilated.  Which really didn’t mean anything to me but that’s what I was when I was in labour with Lux and she was born like 10 hours later.  This one went a little quickerAround 8pm (just as the second midwife, Brianna, arrived at our house) my water broke on our bedroom floor.  It didn’t take long and I felt the urge to push.  I jumped on all fours, grabbed my husband, bit him (sorry Mike) and pushed.  With maybe 2 pushes the head was out and then one or two more and our baby girl (yes she was a girl!) was born at 8:37pm.  I laid down, relieved, I remember as the rest of her body came out I said “OMG that’s the best feeling in the whole world”.  I immediately relaxed.  She was put on my chest, we got Lux out of her crib and she got to help/watch Daddy cut the cord once we were ready.  I birthed the placenta and then got into position to breastfeed our new baby girl, Ivy Scarlett Kobzik.


The midwives were incredible to clean everything up.  You would never even know I gave birth on our bed.  They let me have the time I wanted and needed with my family.  It was so nice having her at home.  I’m not going to lie, we were planning on a home birth but we also had our bags packed for the hospital incase we changed our mind last minute or incase something happened where I needed to go/be transferred.  We never told anyone that this could even be an option for us because for some reason the minute you say the words “home birth” people will start telling you their horror stories and all the reasons they wouldn’t do it and it’s not something I wanted/needed to hear during my pregnancy.  It turns out that even if we hadn’t been thinking of a home birth as an option, I would have never made it to the hospital in time, or I may have, but I probably would have been pushing a baby out on the side of the road somewhere between Pakenham and Almonte.  


I’m so thankful for my husband who has always helped me stay positive and supported my decisions through both my pregnancies and births, my midwives Suzanne and Brianna for helping bring Ivy into the world safely, and our daughter Lux who laid somewhat quietly in her crib while I yelled at the top of my lungs.  She may have even said “Mommy saying AHHH” over the monitor numerous times which made me laugh between intense contractions.  And my new daughter Ivy for letting me have the birth I wanted and for coming into the world fast and furious.


“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear” – Jane Weideman