Winter at Mew Lake

This past Spring we stayed in one of the yurts at Mew Lake and the whole time we were there we talked about how we would love to stay in a yurt during the winter.   So we decided to make that happen.


Mew Lake Campground is the only developed campground in Algonquin Park that is open all year long. It is located at KM 30.8 on Highway 60.

We took advantage of our Christmas holidays and the abundance of snow this year and booked a two-night stay at Yurt 49. We packed our cross-country skis, the chariot, snowshoes, the carrier, and skates because Mew Lake has an outdoor rink located by the comfort station at the campground.


Our little one is 21 months old and this was her second time staying in a Yurt. It was a whole different experience this time with her newly developed vocabulary. We had talked about it in order to prepare her for our little getaway and it was so much fun hearing her yell “YURT”, “BUNK BEDS” and “BOBBY” (bob skates) the whole way to the park.


Since she seemed really excited about trying out her bob skates, we decided to take her skating for the first time at the Mew Lake rink. There is a warming tent where we were able to change into our skates and hang out if it got too cold. She loved skating! She didn’t skate for very long, we could tell she was getting tired, so we pulled her around in a sleigh and she enjoyed watching us skate around while watching the snow fall. Afterwards, we cooked our supper on the fire by the rink and ate it in the “TENT” (she likes to yell about the things that excite her).


It was really cold at night (-20c or colder), so we were thankful the yurt was heated and we all cuddled up into one bed, read a bunch of bedtime stories and went to sleep. We didn’t spend much time in the Yurt other than to sleep and eat because there is so much to do in Algonquin Park during the winter.


In the morning we headed for the Visitor Center because it’s a must stop every time we are in the park.   And our little one seems to be more interested in the displays every time we go. It is also a great place to hang out for a bit, enjoy a bowl of soup, and wait for the weather to warm up.


I’m a bit of a birder, a new hobby that I took up this past spring when I noticed a variety of birds at our feeder and decided I wanted to learn their names and know more about them.   The Visitor Center is a great place to view birds as they have a variety of feeders set up for visitors to observe from the observation deck and throughout the property. I was very excited to see quite a few Evening Grosbeaks for my first time.




Once it warmed up we took off to the Leaf Lake Ski Trails. The trails range in length from 5km to 45km and vary from easy to difficult. All trails are groomed and have a track set. There are also a few warm up huts along some of the trails. We stuck to one of the shorter loops because it was cold and we didn’t know how long the little one would last. After completing our loop we studied the map to pick out some loops for future ski days.





Unfortunately, our two-night stay turned into a one-night stay due to a power outage back home. When we had left for the yurt our power was out and it wasn’t due to come back on for a couple days so we needed to get home to heat our house and save our freezer food. There’s still a lot of winter left, so we hope to get back to the park to do some more skiing and snowshoeing.