Horse Country Campground

Whenever I think of the Ottawa River by Wilderness Tours I think of whitewater rafting and kayaking, not horseback riding.  I use to take riding lessons as a kid so when we stumbled upon Horse Country Campground we were excited to check out a different part of the Whitewater Region.  HCC is located in Foresters Falls, one hour west of Ottawa, right beside Wilderness Tours.


Even though I took riding lessons I’m still a bit nervous around horses.  They are huge, powerful animals and I find them a bit intimidating at times.  So we decided to do the Learn To Horseback Ride package which is a two hour program that includes:

Ground Work






And Horseback Riding With a Guide (our guide Monica was amazing)


They have many different types of packages to choose from like the City Slicker Adventure which is a 2 to 5 night ALL INCLUSIVE horseback riding vacation, a Couples Horseback Riding Escape, Sunset Dinner Ride, and a Raft & Ride package which is a combination of whitewater rafting and horseback riding (which I’d highly recommend).



The campground is located next to Wilderness Tours and if you’re camping at Horse Country Campground you have full access to the Wilderness Tours facilities such as their beach, swimming pool, restaurant & bar, games room, bungee tower, hot tub, beach volleyball and more… 


They’ve even got campsites to accommodate your horse, if you have one! They have campsites that come with a corral, water hook ups, picnic tables and fire pits.  And if you don’t want to tent or don’t have a RV then they have a variety of full sized RV’s or bunk houses to choose from.


With 40km’s of horseback riding trails, some that will take you straight to the Whitewater Brewery for lunch or to the Ottawa River for a picnic, Horse Country Campground is a very unique spot to camp that is worth checking out.