Bonnechere Provincial Park

I think the Fallen Tree Cabin at Bonnechere Provincial Park is going to become a new yearly tradition of ours.  This was our second time staying here and we enjoyed it just as much as we did the last time, if not more.  Last time we stayed here our daughter was a baby, now she’s a toddler.


One of my favourite things about this park is the fact that you can choose from two different bodies of water; the Bonnechere River or Round Lake.  Although the cabin comes equipped with a canoe we decided to bring our Level Six SUP  with us.  The park also offers SUP, kayak and canoe rentals for a very reasonable price.




Nap time was SUP time for me.  While Lux was sleeping, I was paddling.  Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a great way to sneak up on wildlife while on the Bonnechere River.  I spotted turtles, ducks, blue herons and beavers.  






Now that we have a very mobile child we tend to look for kid friendly activities while visiting the park.  There is a really neat play ground located right on Round Lake.  Every single morning we would bike down to the park and Lux would go straight to the swings.




I know I talked about it in my last post about Bonnechere Provincial Park, but I’ll say it again – I LOVE their book tree.  There needs to be more book trees in the world.



Round Lake has a shallow sandy shoreline that makes it the perfect place for children to swim.  It also made it the perfect spot to take Lux for her first SUPing experience.  Since it stays shallow for quite a ways out, I felt confident taking Lux on the board knowing that if she got squirmy and wanted off I could easily jump off, hold her, and walk back to shore. To my surprise she sat still the entire time, pointing at the lily pads, the kids swimming in the water and the boats passing by.





In my opinion, the beach on Round Lake is one of the nicest beaches in Ontario’s Highlands.  If I lived closer to this park I would probably spend every day of the summer there.




The great thing about this beach is that there is a store walking distance away, so if you forget sunscreen, water, sand toys, etc., they’ve got you covered.  We always try to support Ontario Parks by buying a couple souvenirs during our stay.  This time our favourite souvenir is a paddle that is the perfect size for Lux.  She’s not quite ready to paddle on her own, but she sure wants to.  So we tied the paddle to the canoe, and let her pretend.  Cutest thing ever.



We basically just got home and we are already talking about our trip back here next summer.  If you haven’t visited Bonnechere Provincial Park in Ontario’s Highlands I highly recommend putting it on your summer bucket list.