Mew Lake Yurt

We recently had the opportunity to stay in a yurt at Mew Lake Campground in Algonquin Park.  Mew Lake campground is open all year round and is located at KM 30.8 of HWY 60.


I’ve heard of yurts, seen pictures of yurts, but this was our first time staying in a yurt.  It’s basically like a giant tent with electricity and heat.  We definitely didn’t need the heat as it was +30 all weekend and I was a bit worried it would be too hot in the yurt but with all the windows open there was a nice breeze and it was quite comfortable.


May is for spotting Moose in the park and while Algonquin Park is known as Moose Country, I didn’t think we would actually get to see a moose, but we did.  After entering the park it was only a couple of km until we saw a moose jam (cars pulled over on the side of the road with people standing at a respectable distance to take pictures).  This was our daughter’s first time seeing a moose so we were very excited for her to see it.




The moose wasn’t the only wildlife we saw during our stay in Algonquin Park.  Just as we pulled into Mew Lake Campground my husband spotted a Fox.  It turned out to be a mother fox and her 5 kits.  We stayed at a distance in order to not disturb the family and snapped a few photos.



I’ve seen a lot of Canadian Geese in my life but I’ve never seen goslings (geese babies).  Newly hatched goslings are able to swim immediately and the mom and dad both accompany the babies during their swims.  As a new mom, I find it interesting to watch animal parents, teaching and protecting their young.



May is not just for moose sightings, but also for BUGS, specifically black flies.  We lucked out by having beautiful weather but beautiful weather also meant getting eaten alive so when we weren’t out looking for wildlife we were hiding from the bugs.  The visitor centre is a great place for this.  It’s an educational experience as well as a good place to buy some souvenirs.  






Another place that we went to hide away from the bugs was the Portage Store at Canoe Lake. Canoe Lake is a major access point for canoeists entering the park. An interesting fact about Canoe Lake is that influential Canadian artist Tom Thomson disappeared during a canoeing trip on this lake on July 8, 1917.  His death has remained a mystery.

Here you can shop, eat, and rent a canoe if you want.  We decided to enjoy a lakeside ice-cream cone and then sat on the dock watching people canoe in and out.



The beauty of staying at Mew Lake is that it is a great “base camp”.  It’s close to everything so we were able to do a lot of side trips to different lakes and if you were there to hike (hopefully not during black fly season) then it is the perfect spot because it is close to all the best hiking trails.  We spent a lot of time at Lake of Two Rivers swimming and kayaking when we felt brave enough to embrace the bugs.



Aside from many black fly bites we really enjoyed our stay at Mew Lake.  There are many benefits to staying in a yurt especially with a toddler.

Some pros to yurt camping would be:

  • If it rains, or is buggy out, it is a great place for your child to play.  They can make forts with the bunk beds, play on the top bunk (the top bunk is always a hit), and walk around.  There is also a table with chairs so you could play board games or cards.
  • You can bring your own bedding so it makes it feel like you’re at home.
  • There is an electric heater for cold nights.
  • There is an electrical outlet incase you want to charge those camera batteries for all the wildlife photos you will be taking.
  • There is a barbecue with propane included.  And they do have dishes and utensils if needed.
  • The word yurt just sounds fun.


We are already planning our next yurt camping trip but are thinking of doing it in the winter since Mew Lake is open all year round we can take our cross country skis, snowshoes and go explore and come back to a warm bed.