Silver Lake and Sharbot Lake Provincial Park

This weekend we went to Maberly to get chickens.  When I found out we were going to Maberly, which is just 30km West of Perth, I searched online for places we could stop to give Lux a break from the drive.  We ended up finding the perfect spot to stretch our legs.  Actually, TWO perfect spots.

Silver Lake Provincial Park 

Silver Lake Provincial Park is located along Highway 7, in a town called Maberly, just 30km West of Perth.  The park has many great activities that include fishing, swimming, canoeing/boating, hiking, and wildlife viewing.  Since it was May Long and the water was still quite cold we didn’t get to swim but we would have loved to.  The beach is beautiful and the swimming area is sandy, it is perfect for children.







Instead we built sandcastles and played at the educational play structure that is located about a minute away from the beach.







I think Silver Lake Provincial Park is a great place for a day trip.  I’ve often passed the lake  and wondered what the park was like and now that I’ve been, it’s definitely somewhere I would stop again if and when I’m in the area.  The park has a nice spot to have lunch even on a rainy day! It’d be a great place to have a family get together.  They also have canoe/kayak rentals right at the beach which makes it easy to rent a boat for the day or even just a couple hours.






Since Silver Lake Provincial Park is located right along the highway it makes for a perfect day use park.  If you think the view from the road looks nice, the view from the park is even better.



Sharbot Lake Provincial Park 

Sharbot Lake Provincial Park is located 10km West Silver Lake Provincial Park.  So if you’re going to see one, you might as well see the other while in the area.  This way if you’re thinking of camping at either you can compare, or you can simply “park hop” and go to one in the morning and spend the afternoon at the other. Both Parks are beautiful and we enjoyed getting to see the two.

After spending the morning at Silver Lake, we stopped at Sharbot Lake to enjoy lunch by the water.  Sharbot Lake Provincial Park is located on two beautiful clear lakes, Black Lake and Sharbot Lake.





The beaches are located on Black Lake but the hiking is located by Sharbot Lake.  While we didn’t get to hike because we had to get going to pick up our chickens, we would love to go back here to do the hikes someday.  It’s amazing how in such a short distance between the two parks you can have the opportunity to be at 3 different lakes in the same day, and for us, in the same morning!



I’ve got a goal this summer to explore the   9   Ontario Parks that are in Ontario’s Highlands, plus a few more.  This was a good start and it’s not even “officially” summer yet… although it’s feeling like it!