Baby in Bahamas

We recently went on a trip with our daughter to Grand Island Bahamas.  We spent a week at Memories Grand Bahamas in Freeport.  This was our first trip down south with a baby (she was a week shy of turning one) and I didn’t really know what to expect.  We had flown with her once before when she was 3 months old but I knew that flying with her now was going to be different.  She slept a little bit but for the most part we kept her entertained with books, snacks and a cute little boy who was sitting behind her playing peek a boo.


The first couple of days we spent getting to know the resort and getting into a routine that would suit Lux.  We started off each day by having breakfast at the Buffet followed by a swim in the pool.  We wanted to make sure Lux was well protected from the sun especially when in the water which was where we spent most of our time so we bought her a SPF swimsuit and a large brimmed hat from MEC.  The only thing exposed was her hands and feet so we made sure to lather them up good with sunscreen after eating and before heading outside.


Since we didn’t want to spend too much time in the sun with her when we would finish swimming we would park ourselves on a nice piece of grass underneath some palm trees.  Here we would set up “camp” for the morning where she could crawl around, play and people watch.  She wasn’t too sure what to think of the grass.  I guess it’s been awhile!



Next up was one of my favourite parts of the day… LUNCH! I love cooking but it’s nice to take a break from it once in awhile and getting to walk around a room full of food with an empty plate is something I will never complain about.  Lux enjoyed all the food especially the fruit (specifically the watermelon).


After lunch we would head back to the room to nap Lux.  She will not nap in a stroller and it was too hot to nap her in a carrier so the room it was.  And this way we were getting her out of the heat of the day while we got to scroll through the thousands of pictures we took that morning.  We also played a lot of scrabble.

After her nap we would either head back to the pool or to the ocean for a swim.  We really do have a water baby on our hands.  We couldn’t walk past the water without her reaching for it.  I was a bit worried about taking her swimming in the ocean because I know that the salt water can sometimes sting my eyes but it didn’t seem to bother her one bit.  She loved watching the fish swim by.




In the evenings we would hang out at the beach and play in the sand.  At lunch we always packed up some fruit in a container (that we would keep in our fridge) so we could give Lux a snack.  She loved snack time on the beach.


In the evenings we had a choice between the buffet and a few restaurants.  Considering we NEVER eat out at home Lux did very well dining out, she seemed to love it.  Not sure if it was the people watching or the delicious food but you could tell she was enjoying herself.


After dinner if Lux wasn’t too tired we spent our evenings walking along the beach.  We enjoyed watching the sunset while we looked for sea shells, drew in the sand and spotted star fish.


This is what the majority of our days looked like but Mike and I can’t stay in the same spot for too long without getting bored and when we go to a country we want to get to experience more than just the resort so we rented a car to explore as much as we could in the 24 hours we had it rented for.  We decided to check out Lucayan National Park and Gold Rock Beach because apparently it’s the nicest beach on the Grand Bahama Island and the Pirates of the Carribean movies were filmed there (yet I’ve never seen one).  It definitely lived up to it’s reputation.  It’s the most beautiful beach I have ever seen.




Not that we wanted a break from the beach or ocean but we wanted to see a bit of Freeport and we wanted to buy Lux some books so we packed up our Urban Glide Thule Stroller and went into town.  We explored some shops, chatted with some locals and checked out the local fish market.




We really enjoyed our trip to the Bahamas and are looking forward to our next family trip.  Travelling down south with a baby was not easy. But getting to see her face light up while swimming, experiencing new foods for the first time, watching her play in the sand and make new friends was worth the extra work.