I’ve never snowshoed so much in my life as I have this year.  Normally we spend our winters ice climbing and cross country skiing but since Lux can’t ice climb yet and we didn’t feel like spending the money on a chariot, we wanted a winter activity that would be family friendly and infant friendly… which is snowshoeing.



We are fortunate to have friendly neighbours who allow us to walk through our property onto theirs where we can explore 500+ acres of bush, fields and trails.

We love spending time as a family and we love spending time outdoors so we spent almost every weekend snowshoeing this winter and we even went for the odd after supper,
before bed time hike.



We did start a new New Year’s tradition that we would like to continue each year which was snowshoeing into the Ottawa River.  We snowshoed the past 2 years into the river and would like to keep that tradition going. Whether or not we do it on New Year’s Day will depend on the weather but that’s the day we went this year for our annual Ottawa River snowshoe.





As a Tubbs Ambassador my husband and I get the opportunity to test out their snowshoes and this year was the perfect year for it.  Although we had a green Christmas, February had a record snowfall and snowshoes were necessary for us to get anywhere in our yard.

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