Follow Your Feet Patch

As a KEEN Canada ambassador I get to promote a company I love and they recently started a new campaign.  This year they decided to take a different approach to encourage their fans to tell their stories through specific adventures.  In return, the fans will earn a “Follow Your Feet” patch for completing the task.  Fans are asked to reach out to them on twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #MyFeetAreWaiting.  When they do this they will be assigned an adventure that they have to document through photos or videos to earn their patch by posting using the hashtag #FollowYourFeetPatch.


I’ve recently completed all of my adventures and wanted to share them with you.


Adventure No. 1Show us that place you’re looking for that’s not on any map



This one was by far the hardest for me.  While I’m sure this can be taken in a few different ways I tried to rack my brain for spots that wouldn’t be on a map and I couldn’t think of ANY! Every place I hike is on a map, if it wasn’t, I’d probably get lost!

While hiking through my parent’s property I found myself standing in the middle of the woods, off the trail (that isn’t on a map) and realized that was it.



Adventure No. 2 Show us if a tree falls in the forest you’re there to hear it



I can honestly say I’ve been in this situation. Mike and I were climbing in Calabogie a few years ago and a huge storm came through. We quickly packed up our gear and literally ran out of the bush. While we were running trees were falling everywhere and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that a pine tree fell and the crown of it brushed my back. It was very scary. I don’t have pictures from that day but I do have pictures in the bush with previously fallen trees on one of our hikes this fall.



Adventure No. 3Show us how you worry less and wander more



I have to say after becoming a parent I definitely worry more but I still wander more. Taking my daughter outside and hiking with her is my way to worry less and wander more.



Adventure No. 4Show us your had-to-be there moment



While hiking near the end of October we had checked the weather before heading out and the forecast was sunny and fairly warm. After hiking for an hour or so this white stuff started falling from the sky… SNOW! While it’s not unusual for it to snow in October, I did find it unusual for it to snow when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It really was a “had-to-be there moment”.



Adventure No. 5Find that day you never want to end



Any day with my daughter is a day that I never want to end. She’s so little right now but she’s growing and getting bigger every day. Soon she’ll be 16 asking for my car keys and I’m not ready for that. I love these days where she sits in my lap, plays with the leaves laughing and smiling. The simple things are what make her happy and I want those days to never end.


I’m hoping you don’t need an excuse to get outside and have an adventure but if you do, or if you’re going to be outside anyways you should follow @KEENCANADA on Twitter and Instagram and join the campaign to receive your Follow Your Feet Patch!