Driftwood Provincial Park

We had been wanting to take Lux camping all summer but between travelling out west and home projects we never got around to it.  Once we finally had the time to go we had to decide on where we wanted her first camping experience to be.  We figured one of the provincial parks would be the best spot to take her because they are guaranteed to be clean (unlike the free camp sites in our area).  We packed our truck and headed to Driftwood Provincial Park for the weekend.

This was our first time at Driftwood Provincial Park as well as Lux’s first camping trip.  If I had to choose one thing about Driftwood that we loved the most it would be the water.  It is located on the shores of the Ottawa River just west of Deep River with panoramic views of the Laurentian Hills.  It was the perfect spot for her first camping experience.


We wanted to make sure she was comfortable at night so we brought along our Teton Sports Tent with a couple mattresses for added comfort and this way if it rained at all we had our own fort to play in.


Our little girl LOVES being outside.  She is 5 months old and could easily spend all day outside, which she did while we were camping.  Actually she got to spend 3 whole days outside and she never complained once.  She kept busy by looking at the trees, watching the flames from our bonfire and napping during our hikes.



We actually stumbled on this hike during one of her naps accidentally.  It was too hot to try and nap her in the tent so we napped her in her carrier because it was cooler in the shade and there was a breeze by the water.  We hiked the Oak Highland Hiking trail which is a beautiful trail that offers many lookouts of the Ottawa River.  Within a few minutes of hiking we had stopped at 3 different look outs.  It was very pretty but I bet it is even nicer in the fall.



Because it was so hot out we spent a lot of time in the water.  We would swim with our daughter for 15 minutes at a time so she could cool off.  When we weren’t swimming with her we were taking turns on our SUP which I was glad we brought with us because our time at Driftwood was definitely best spent on the water.



My favourite time spent on the water though is when we are all together which makes canoeing one of my favourite family activities.  Our daughter likes to sit at the front on my lap so that she can see everything ahead of her.  Luckily my husband is a good sport and did all the paddling for us.  The best part about the Ottawa River is there are so many islands so we stopped at one so Lux and I could stretch and dip our feet in the water.  I can see many canoe trips in our future!



While putting Lux to sleep I got to watch one of the nicest sunsets from inside the tent and my husband took the opportunity to photograph it because he knew I would want pictures of it.


At first I thought taking our 5 month old daughter camping would be a challenge but after experiencing it for myself I realize that it was actually easier than sitting at home all day (we both get bored easily and prefer to be outside).

“Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events of their life” 
– Thomas Berry