Peak 2 Peak

I decided to do a separate post about our Peak 2 Peak experience for three reasons:

  1. I searched everywhere for information about taking an infant on the Peak 2 Peak gondola and never came across any.
  2. We took a lot of photos.
  3. It’s beautiful

Our daughter was 4 months old on our trip to Whistler and we knew we wanted to ride the Peak 2 Peak while we were there.  I’m a first time mom so I worry about all kinds of things that are probably unnecessary but I’m new to this, and I just want the best for her.

The Peak 2 Peak Gondola has the longest free span between ropeway towers in the world and connects Whistler Mountain to Blackcomb Mountain.  To get to the top of Whistler Mountain we took a smaller gondola and luckily we got it all to ourselves! This made me feel relaxed immediately.


Once we got to the top we looked around for some easy hikes to do.  We could have choose a harder one and I’m sure Lux would have been fine but regardless of the trail we picked, the view was beautiful.

I am very cautious when it comes to sun safety and I don’t like exposing our daughter to too much sun at this age.  We made sure she was fully covered and warm (it’s much cooler at the top than it is at the bottom).  There isn’t much shade at the top so I was glad we brought a toque for her and that her Onya Baby carrier has a sleep hood that adds as extra sun protection while she napped during our hikes.





After hiking around Whistler Mountain we rode the Peak 2 Peak to Blackcomb Mountain.  The view between the two mountains is breathtaking and what made it even better was the fact that we had the gondola all to ourselves.  I’m not sure if it is because we were there first thing in the morning or if we just lucked out but we rode back and forth many times alone.  I was quite thankful because it gave me a comfortable place to feed my child and let her stretch out without worrying about the sun.  I could have easily rode the Peak 2 Peak all day and have been satisfied.  If you don’t plan on hiking, the view from the gondola is definitely worth checking out.




We were able to do a hike on each mountain, feed our daughter in comfort and relax in the gondola in between hikes. Whistler is absolutely beautiful and even though you may think the Peak 2 Peak would be a “touristy” thing to do, we found it to be not overly busy (like I said above, we rode the gondola alone most of the time) which was really nice.





When we go to Whistler again (because we will be back), I am looking forward to doing the Peak 2 Peak again and exploring more of the trails with our daughter.