Joffre Lakes

It’s safe to say that Joffre Lakes is one of the nicest hikes I’ve done to date.  After my friend Gina, founder of Outdoor Women’s Alliance, posted a picture from her hike at Joffre Lakes I started to do some research and came across hundreds of pictures with these beautiful turquoise blue lakes.  I knew when we went to Whistler we would be taking the drive past Pemberton to do the hike.  And we did.

After doing some research though I was a bit nervous.  It said it takes roughly 3 hours to get to the top and we were going to be  doing it with our 4 month old daughter.  The reviews also said the trail was quite exposed and I am very cautious about sun safety with our little one so that had me worried as well.  But I have learned that reviews aren’t always as they seem and we decided to do the hike anyways and if she wasn’t comfortable we would just turn around.

Here’s how the hike went…

First Lake

Took 5 minutes tops to hike to it.  It was absolutely beautiful and even if we didn’t make it to the next two, at that point I thought that the one lake would be good enough.  It was stunning.




Second Lake aka Middle Lake

We should have checked our watch to time it but I would say the hike to the second lake took us about an hour with only a small section of exposed trail.  The rest of the trail to the middle lake was nicely shaded by the forest.  Our little girl slept all the way to the second lake and woke up right before we found a spot to stop, take in the scenery and enjoy our lunch.  This gave her some time to stretch out, look around, eat, get a bum change and hang out till she was ready for her next nap.






Lunch Break



Third Lake – aka Upper Lake

After having lunch we decided to head to the last lake.  Lux fell asleep as soon as we started hiking.  She really loves her Onya baby carrier.  It took us maybe 30 minutes to get to the third lake and we stopped at the beautiful waterfall that is along the way.  Once we reached the last lake we took a few pictures and started to head back down. The whole hike took us 3 hours in total. That included stopping for pictures, lunch and bum changes.




I really hope that we can hike these lakes again someday with our daughter when she’s old enough to remember the breathtaking scenery.


Just a little side note about our footwear.  When wearing my child I want to make sure we have on the best possible footwear so that we can ensure our safety but more importantly, hers.  I chose KEEN women’s Marshalls for our hike and I was very pleased with how comfortable they were.  I felt stable and well protected.

My daughter was rocking the SeaCamp Crib.

My husband was wearing KEEN men’s Marshalls.


For more information on the hike click here.