Our First Family Trip – Vancouver

We came to Vancouver for a week before my sister’s wedding and it was our first family trip.  Our daughter just turned 4 months old so it was her first time on a plane and traveling.  I was a bit stressed.  I had no idea what it would be like to fly with a baby and I did a lot of research before hand.  A few things that really helped me were wearing clothes that I was comfortable nursing her in, a pillow to go under my arms for when she fell asleep and a toy or two to keep her busy if and when she woke up.  We were lucky and she slept most of the flight.  It went really well.

Travelling with our daughter was definitely different for us but we loved every minute of it.  Even though she will never remember the trip we made sure to document every moment of it and plan activities that were infant friendly.  A few of our favourite highlights from our trip included:

Stanley Park

We were lucky enough to be able to borrow a stroller and we were very grateful for that.  We took the stroller to Stanley Park and checked out the totem poles, the huge trees and walked along the ocean.  We were going to do the Aquarium but decided to save it for another year when our daughter is bigger and can really enjoy the experience.




La Casa Gelato

If you’ve read through my blog you know I have a thing for ice-cream.  I also really like Gelato but it’s not something we have much of around the Ottawa Valley.  When I’m in Vancouver I make sure to go to La Casa Gelato because it is the only place in the world that has 218 flavours of Gelato.  The best part is getting to try out all the different flavours like chocolate bacon, chocolate chili, chantrelle mushroom, avocado, etc..



Queen Elizabeth Park

The nice thing about this attraction is that it is free.  It has beautiful gardens and is stroller friendly.  It was a nice place to go to kill a couple hours before meeting up with the family.  There is a bio-dome there with a rainforest inside that costs but we were there early in the morning so it wasn’t open yet.  The gardens were absolutely breathtaking.  Vancouver had just had a really dry week so it was nice to see some greenery.





VanDusen Botanical Garden

Down the road from Queen Elizabeth Park is the VanDusen Botanical Garden.  This one has a small fee but in my opinion it is worth paying to see the luscious forests and gardens.  It was a nice stroller friendly activity that allowed our daughter to look around at all the natural mobiles (aka trees) and have a little snooze in the stroller.  There is also a maze that would be a lot of fun for children and adults (we went in and almost got lost!).  We spent a few hours here taking in the beautiful surroundings and snapping hundreds of photos.





Grouse Mountain 

I wasn’t sure what going up Grouse Mountain would be like with a baby.  We opted for the tram instead of doing the grind.  Our daughter really likes stimulation so the noise and amount of people on the tram didn’t seem to bother her.  If anything, I think she really liked it because she was getting a lot of attention from everyone.  Once we got to the top we ate a beaver tail and went to check out the grizzly bears.  We hiked around, let our little girl nap, checked out the lumberjack show and headed back down.  It was a great activity to do with our daughter and it is definitely something we want to do again with her when she is a bit older and can really enjoy the activities that are offered on top of the mountain.




Our trip isn’t over yet.  We spent the weekend in Squamish for my sister’s wedding and now we are in Whistler for a week.  It has been a great family vacation so far and I’m sure it’s going to keep getting better.  How can it not when I’m spending it with my two favourite people.