Cloth Diaper Essentials

Cloth diapering was something that my husband and I really wanted to do with our little one.  Not only does it save us a ton of money but it is better for the environment.  Apparently in a babies first year you can go through over 2,500 diapers which can roughly cost you $600 but I think it is a lot more than that.  I guess it all depends on how often you change your baby, how often they eat, etc… I think the amount would be closer to $1000 if you include wipes and if you don’t buy your diapers from Costco.  According to Live Strong, the Environmental Protection Agency reports that about 20 billion disposable diapers are dumped in landfills each year, accounting for more than 3.5 million tons of waste.  Disposable diapers take about 500 years to decompose. I could keep going with these facts, but you get the point.

I’m not going to lie, we still use disposables here and there and I will be creating a blog post about the pros and cons with disposables versus cloth as well as a post about all the different brands and which ones worked for us and which ones didn’t.

But for now, if you are looking at getting into Cloth Diapers there are a couple essentials you will need.  I am using Bumkins diapers as an example because after 4 months of using cloth diapers they have not leaked and we are really enjoying their products.

First Essential

Cloth Diaper – We have found Bumkins pocket diapers to be one of our favourites. They have not leaked, they fit well and they are super cute.


Second Essential

Diaper Pail Liner – this is almost as important as the cloth diaper itself because you need somewhere to put it and you don’t want to be constantly washing out the pail every time you do laundry.  This liner allows you to store your diapers and then throw it into the wash with the rest of your cloth diaper laundry.  We also find it handy to leave the pail open and let the air at the diapers.  It does not smell (yet) and we wash them every second day by choice.


Third Essential

Wet/Dry Bag – This is an essential because if you are adamant about doing cloth diapers than you will want this bag for when you travel or simply go out to run a few errands.  We go to the beach quite often and because this Bumkins wet bag has two zipper compartments we are able to store her wet diapers as well as our wet bathing suits or already wet cloth wipes (if you are doing cloth diapers you might as well do cloth wipes too!).  This bag has become an essential part of my diaper bag items and I take it with me everywhere we go.  Even if I’m skipping out on cloth for the day it can come in handy to put wet clothes in (spit up, accidents, etc).  I highly recommend getting this bag.