Handling Bug Season

If you live in Eastern Ontario or many other parts of Canada (or Florida, I hear) then you are familiar with bug season. It happens shortly after all the snow has melted and the weather has warmed up. Usually, if we are lucky we get a couple weeks of bug free weather and we make sure to take full advantage of it. I saw my first mosquito yesterday so I know that the black flies will be out soon, followed by the mosquitos. So I thought I would throw out some ideas on how to make the best of this wonderful time of the year.

Wear a bug jacket
And by wearing a bug jacket, I actually mean live in your bug jacket. Invest in a good one too, it makes a difference!


Do motorized activities
Save the hiking, biking and running for later. Bug season is the time to hop onto or into something motorized and not feel guilty about it. If you don’t have one but a friend does then offer them gas money and I am sure they would be happy to take you out. Because you will need the gas, you won’t want to stop for long unless of course you have that bug jacket on!



Do fast paced activities
I love to be on the water but the bugs will find you there unless it is really windy so I opt for activities that are fast paced. This means that you are constantly moving, fast enough that the bugs can’t keep up with you. Wakeboarding and whitewater kayaking are good for that. Flat water kayaking is okay if you keep paddling and don’t let them find you. I thought of including biking but unless you have a full face mask on, you will probably end up with a face full of bugs just like your cars front windshield.



A bonfire is a good evening activity and can help keep the bugs at bay as long as you have it hot enough and throw some grass or leaves in it from time to time to create some smoke. You will also want to be wearing your bug jacket and bug spray to really enjoy it. Just be careful putting bug spray on near a fire, I recommend doing it far away from it or before you start your fire.


Inside Activities
As much as I don’t like this option there are ways to make it fun. During bug season one year we decided to make a climbing cave in our sheds attic. If you have the space to do it this can be a fun activity that you can enjoy during every season! To make it affordable we used old mattresses from friends and family, bought our holds from a local climbing gym (the holds are used), so most of the cost was the wood, screws and bolts. But once you have it built it is free entertainment. We love our shed cave, especially during bug season.


Those are just some of the ways I like to deal with bug season. I absolutely love where I live but this time of the year can get annoying. Especially when you fall asleep to a constant hum in your ear. If all else fails you can always buy packs of sparklers and wave them around yourself all night long.


Happy Bug Season!