Third Trimester

I didn’t realize that when I would be writing my third trimester blog I would have my baby sleeping on my chest while writing. Most people had me convinced that I would be “late” because apparently there’s a statistic where 80% of first time moms have their child after their “due” date. If you are wondering what’s up with all the “quotation marks” it’s because I don’t believe in “due” dates and I don’t like the terms “early” and “late”. My child isn’t a homework assignment or a hydro bill, she came out when she was ready, and that was on Monday, March 23rd, two days before her guess date.

There’s a quote I found and really like “The mere thinking that there is one magical day that pregnancy should end, and every other day is either early or late, is the largest falsehood of all. It is also the most prevalent” – Trina Hampton

I found my third trimester to be quite enjoyable. The little kicks turned into bigger kicks and the movements had me entertained all day long trying to guess which part of his/her body was rubbing across the inside of my baby bump.


I am quite thankful that I got to enjoy such an easy and comfortable pregnancy. I spent my weekends doing what I loved, being outside. I ice climbed right up until 37 weeks (9 months) and could have continued if the ice would have stuck around but it warmed up and the conditions became unsafe. We also cross-country skied 5-10 km at least once a weekend. I would like to think that my staying active, healthy and happy throughout my pregnancy is what contributed to my wonderful birthing time, which I will write about next.


The most annoying part about my whole pregnancy was trying to block out other people’s negative comments and questions. I took a course called Hypnobabies that helped me create a bubble of peace that was essential for keeping a positive mindset. I highly recommend it.

Being pregnant is like gardening. You need lots of water, vitamin D, and patience. Patience is key.