My last day of work for a year

Yesterday (Friday), was my last day of work for a whole year.  It worked out that my last day would be the day before March Break so it hasn’t really hit me yet that I won’t be going back to work after the break is over.  

For those of you who don’t know me, I am an Early childhood Educator in a Kindergarten classroom and I absolutely love my job.  This year I had 23 students and worked with an amazing teacher, Whitney. 

Yes, that’s her in the photo above during an assembly that was put on for the kindergartens… Seriously, how can I not love my job working with someone that fun!  (That’s not her real hair) 

There is a saying that goes “if you love your job you will never have to work another day in your life” and I feel like that’s true. My job doesn’t feel like work, it feels like fun. I wake up every morning looking forward to seeing these little people every day. 

I get to play outside for recess…

I get to plan crafts and activities to enhance their learning…

I get to paint their hands and feet…

I get to order books I love at great prices thanks to Scholastics….

And most importantly I can (or at least I like to think I can) make a difference in their lives. 

These two boys have been in my class for two years and their mom sent me this picture saying that they “knew I’d be proud of them.”  They picked up 3 garbage bags full of litter after school because they couldn’t walk past the litter. That right there is the reason I love my job so much. Moments like this…

In honour of my last day they had worked hard on making something for the baby. With guidance from their teacher and their hard work they took my favourite book Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle and created beautiful pictures to hang in the nursery along with a scrapbook full of letters and pictures. 

I did my best to control my tears throughout the day but these gifts were too much and the handful of Kleenex I had on hand were finally put to use. 

I’m going to miss work and I know everyone says I’ll forget about it as soon as the baby is here but I won’t.  I’m sure even our baby is going to wonder where all the little voices are when he/she comes into this world because they are the exact height as my belly and they talked to the baby everyday.   I’m looking forward to bringing the baby in and surprising them with the gender. 

I love the innocence of kindergartens. Since I don’t know if it’s a boy or girl they’ve asked if maybe it could be a giraffe or a penguin.  They think by inviting or not inviting someone to their birthday it can sometimes solve their problems. They sound things out like share it and it turns into this…. 

I know I’m going to love being a mother because of my love for teaching. These children have made me so excited about bringing a child into this world. I can’t wait for all the firsts including the first time I bring the baby to meet my students. 

And let the year off begin…