Think back to when you were a kid, how did you enjoy winter? 

For me, it was being pulled behind a skidoo on a sleigh, ice fishing, skiing in my backyard followed by lessons at Pakenham and Calabogie Peaks, building snow forts, snowmen, making snow angels and much more.  There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t want to be outside.  I remember staying home from school one day because I had bronchitis and pneumonia (at the same time) and while my mom or dad (I can’t remember which one it was) was cooking me chicken noodle soup for lunch I quickly ran downstairs, got dressed and went outside.  With the shut of the door I was called back inside and I remember almost crying because I just felt like I needed to be outside.


So when Ontario’s Highlands started the contest #rememberwinter I immediately started submitting photo’s of my favourite winter moments and you should too! The purpose of the contest is to encourage people to visit Ontario’s Highlands and embrace their inner eight year-old.


Here’s how you can enter: 

– Upload your photos to www.ontarioshighlands.ca or Facebook.com/ontarioshighlands

– Click the “Winter Photo Contest” tab

– Tag your pictures with #RememberWinter

What you can win:

– warm winter gear

– Canada Goose jacket

– memories that will last a lifetime

The reason I am helping to promote this contest is not just the fact that I love where we live, Ontario’s Highlands, it’s much more than that.  It’s the fact that now a days children are spending most of their time indoors.  They spend more time in front of screens than they do in the snow and it makes me sad.  I actually get paid to embrace my inner child every day and recess should be every child’s favourite part of the school day.  By posting photos we can encourage each other to get outside and make the best of winter just like we use to as children.