White Picket Fence

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about traveling around the world or the country.   Most of these articles are about people who live in their vehicles or work abroad in order to travel. I support all of these people and their decisions so please don’t think that I am writing this to criticize them. I am not judging, I think that anyone going after his or her dreams is an amazing thing. The reason I decided to write this is to show people that you can still travel and have dreams while living a “white picket fence” lifestyle.


Two years ago my now husband and I purchased a house in the country that did indeed come with a white picket fence. It was exactly what we wanted, secluded but close enough to commute to work, neighbour’s that are close enough to call them neighbour’s but far enough that we cannot see or hear them unless they are chopping down a tree, and we are a 5 minute drive from the river where we spend a lot of our time in the Spring/Summer.


With a house come responsibilities and obligations. We have to make sure we have enough money every month to afford living in it. But if you make the right decisions and learn how to budget you can also make sure you have enough money to travel as well. Within the 2 years of living in our house we traveled to







Ontario to Prince Edwards Island (road trip)


Ontario to Alaska (road trip)


Living in Southern Ontario we are also quite close to our American friends so we are able to take weekend road tours to

New York


And Vermont


We may have to commute to work but that is a price we were willing to pay in order to have many of the activities we love to do so close by. It was either commuting to work or commuting to play. We chose work. We could probably travel a bit more if we wanted to but we also like spending time at home. I never take for granted where we live; we have everything I could ever want all within a couple kilometers.









Sure, being a homeowner has its downsides.   Like the unbelievable amount of daily and weekly chores that have to be done but if you have someone who is willing to share these responsibilities then it can make a huge difference.   It may look like I don’t help according to these pictures but all of these were taken when Mike got his new “toys” and I wasn’t going to fight over who got to use the snow blower first… I gladly allowed him to try out his toy while I enjoyed some Christmas baking.


Aside from the chores as a homeowner we have developed some new hobbies that we have fallen in love with such as

Making Maple Syrup

maple syrup1

Raising Chickens




And Photographing Wildlife


We also decided to use the extra space we had in our shed to create a bouldering cave.


I know in order to have this type of lifestyle you need a permanent job but I have been fortunate enough to find a job I love and when you find a job you love you never have to work another day in your life (or so they say).

I absolutely love traveling. I love going to new places and I will always continue to travel. There is one thing I love just as much as traveling though, and that is coming home. There really is “no place like home.”

night house