First Trimester

I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog about my pregnancy but after the amount of blogs I have read about pregnancy I figured someone out there may find this helpful and if not it gives me a chance to record and remember this incredible journey.

Before I begin just remember that each pregnancy is different, what I experience may not be what others experience.

0-6 weeks I had no idea. Well actually, around week 5 I started to wonder but it wasn’t until week 6 where we confirmed our suspicions. During those first 6 weeks I continued with my normal lifestyle, kayaking, climbing, hiking and more (we were on our honeymoon).


6-10 weeks were rough. Really rough. I could barely eat, all I wanted to do was sleep but I was too hungry to sleep. I just felt sick all day long. I thought morning sickness meant sick in the morning but apparently it can also mean “all day” sickness. I spent those weeks on the couch watching tv series, sleeping, and loving Mike more than ever because he was so incredibly helpful. I did manage to go outside. It was the one thing that would make me feel better. I spent most of my time outside lying on the beach in the shade or floating in the water.


10-12 weeks I started to feel better. Not completely better, I was still getting sick most mornings but I turned it into a routine. Get sick, brush my teeth, eat breakfast then go outside! I realized that when I forced myself to do something, I felt way better. It was sitting on the couch that made me feel worse than I already did. So I started to get back into my usual lifestyle, grabbed my kayak and headed for the water.


Being pregnant brings a few changes to my regular activities, for example, we went on a 6km paddle where I would usually bring a bottle of water and that was all. Now for any activity I pack a couple bottles of cold water, snacks beyond snacks, toilet paper w/ a bag to dispose it in (toilet paper takes a long time to decompose FYI).




As for hiking and climbing the same rules apply : lots of water, snacks and bathroom breaks.
I also changed my climbing style to top rope only and climbing only easy routes.


The hardest part about the First Trimester was not just the morning (all day) sickness but more so the keeping it a secret from people part. We were so excited and while we told our family and a few close friends we just wanted to tell everyone!

I am currently 16 weeks (4 months) and feel really good!
Here’s to the second trimester and loving every minute of it (hopefully)!