Our Honeymoon – The Return

So remember that time that Mike and I drove to Alaska for our honeymoon? And remember how we never really posted any photos on the way home? Well there’s a reason for that…

It’s one thing for me to have went a couple days without posting photos on our honeymoon due to lack of service and lack of wifi but it’s another thing for me to not have posted a single photo while driving back from Alaska to Ontario.

Here’s what happened

We decided to take a ferry from Haines, Alaska to Prince Rupert, B.C to change up the scenery and give us a break from driving.  I’m not going to lie, the ferry ride was a horrible experience.  Not only was it cold and rainy but we spent 3 days sleeping on a couch (you may think “why is that a big deal when you slept in the back of a truck the whole way”), I was barely eating because everything tasted and smelled disgusting, and any little motion made me sick.  When we finally reached land I thought I was free from those feelings but as soon as I stepped onto the carport I got sick.  The smell of gas fumes, fish from the harbour and anything else that may have smelled made me vomit (sorry for the details).

We kind of expected what was going on with me, but after barely eating and sleeping for 3 days I was in rough shape so Mike took me to the hospital in Terrace, B.C.

Yes it’s a horrible picture, but it was the last picture we took on our trip.  I was dehydrated and couldn’t keep anything down.  The nurses were amazing and after some iv’s, some much needed rest, and a positive pregnancy test, we were on our way.

Yes, that’s right, I’m pregnant! At this point I was 6 weeks pregnant which is when the morning sickness apparently kicks in (but they should really call it all day sickness).  We spent the next 4 days driving from B.C. to Ontario.  And when I say we I mean Mike because he did all the driving.  I either slept or had my head in a bag… worst drive ever.

When we got home I really thought I would feel better… the comfort of being in our own home, being off the road, and in our bed again.  It helped, a bit.  But I was still sick.  To describe what the first trimester feels like I will say; nauseous, lack of energy, tired, picky, and super smell.  

Aside from feeling all those things I still went out and tried to enjoy the rest of the summer with some light activities.

Like floating

Stand up paddle boarding


And wake boarding

Now don’t let these pictures fool you, I should probably include a photo after each one of these photos that include things like:
sleeping on the couch
watching seasons of Prison Break
laying in bed

The “morning” sickness, the lack of energy, the googling everything and anything because I’m just so clueless right now, it’s all worth every bit of it and then some.  I can’t even describe the feeling of getting to watch this mini version of Mike and I moving around inside of me.  It’s incredible,  it’s the best feeling in the world.  As much as I am a bit nervous about labour (I say that really lightly – I’m terrified), I can’t wait to finally get to meet our little guy/girl.  But I don’t wish days away because life is too short, so for now, I’m going to enjoy this unique experience and cherish every moment of it.