Back To School

Getting Ready For School

Sadly, summer is quickly coming to an end.  With only a few weeks left of warm water and green leaves it is time to start thinking about getting ready for school.  As an educator, even throughout the summer months I am getting myself ready for school.  I work in a full day Kindergarten classroom so I have been collecting rocks, sand and other natural materials that can be used in the classroom during my summer vacation.
The first day of school whether it is in Kindergarten or High School can be a scary and exciting time for a child.  Some ways to get ready for school that you might find helpful are:
  • Start a routine.  Maybe you already have one but you may need to adjust it so that you and your child can get used to going to bed earlier and waking up at the time that they would need to start getting ready for school. 
  • Appetite.  I know this is always a struggle for me when I go back to work.  After spending a summer eating whenever I please by searching through a pantry full of snacks it is hard to get use to snacking only at certain times and eating lunch at a specific time every day.  Maybe do a practice run with your child.  Have a day where you pretend and “play school” at home. If your child is in a day care or home care they may already have a routine similar to a school.  
  • Shopping.  This was my favourite part of going back to school.  As a kid I absolutely LOVED back to school shopping.   Who wouldn’t? Especially when it wasn’t your own money.  One thing that you will need to shop for and is probably the most important thing to shop for is shoes.  Usually you will need more than one pair, indoor and outdoor shoes.  I even need two pairs as I am outside just as much as my students are.  Shoes are very important.  Children are on their feet all day long, running, walking, skipping, jumping.  “Proper footwear is essential to foot health, so it’s important for parents to ensure kids go back to school with a good foundation on their feet. Shoes are one of the most important back-to-school purchases parents will make.  Foot health is directly related to overall health, no matter your age,” says Dr. Matthew G. Garoufalis, a podiatrist and immediate past president of the American Podiatric Medical Association. Shoes that don’t fit properly can irritate the feet and affect how well a child walks, runs and plays.
A lot of schools also have a rule that a child must be wearing running shoes to go on the play structure.  This rule is made for your child’s safety.  KEEN shoes have added toe protection, that is perfect for a busy recess helping to keep your child’s toes safe.  
As an educator my choice of footwear are KEEN Marshall’s for my outdoor duties in the fall, and KEEN Clearwater CNX’s for my summer outdoor duties.  My indoor shoes are KEEN Rivington MJ CNX.  In Kindergarten, there is never a dull moment.  I need to wear comfortable footwear, no heels for this girl!
  • Another important purchase is a back pack.  I know sometimes it can be difficult to justify spending money on something that your child is just going to grow out of but I have enough experience with inexpensive back packs that zippers will break, the material will rip, and it’ll just result in having to purchase a second bag before the year is over.  KEEN has affordable and durable back packs that will last through the year and then some.   
Those are just some of my tips on how to get ready for school.  Do you have any tips you can share with us? We would love to hear them!