Our Honeymoon Part VII – The Yukon

I should really be putting the Yukon into a couple different posts but because I am getting behind with my writing I have to squeeze this beautiful place into one post.

The Yukon was on my bucket list and as we crossed the border from Northern BC into the Yukon I was able to check it off. The Yukon is full of wildlife, wilderness and very little civilization. Needless to say, we loved it. Aside from the endless amount of what I’d like to think of as “untouched” land, there are three communities that really stand out.

Watson Lake

Watson Lake is a small town and is one of the first towns you will come across when arriving into the Yukon. What makes this little town so special is the Sign Post Forest. Unfortunately Mike and I were not aware of this unique roadside attraction otherwise we would have came prepared. But we weren’t going to just drive by, we found ourselves a piece of wood and left our mark.







Whitehorse is officially my favourite city in Canada. I’m not one for cities, but if I had to pick a city to live in I would pick Whitehorse. It feels more like a big town then a city. Most vehicles have kayaks on the roof which right away gave us a good vibe of this capital. We quickly found out that there were endless amounts of outdoor activities to do around Whitehorse but since our time was limited we did what we could and all it did was make us want to stay longer. We hiked to the top of Grey Mountain and enjoyed the Takhini Hot Springs.







Oh and we can’t forget about our delicious meal at the Klondike Rib and Salmon that every single local we talked to recommended.


Dawson City

Dawson City is one of those places that if you have the opportunity to go to, you take it. Especially if the music festival is on. This part of the trip wasn’t planned. Actually, none of our trip was really planned other than our destination being Alaska. But anyways, we found out the music festival was on and decided it would be worth checking out. It was. Dawson City is an experience on it’s own. The buildings, the culture, the wilderness surrounding it, it’s all one of a kind. I have never been to a town that had this type of atmosphere before.









Now fortunately or unfortunately (however you want to look at it), I don’t drink alcohol so when the opportunity to do a Sour Toe Cocktail came up I had to pass it up. Mike on the other hand enjoyed it for the both of us. And yes, it’s a real thing. They put a mummified toe into a shot of alcohol and the person has to drink it and their lips must touch the toe. Gross, I know. “Drink it fast or drink it slow but whatever you do, your lips must touch the toe”




The communities in the Yukon were an enjoyable part of our trip. I hope to visit this beautiful territory again.