Our Honeymoon Part IV – Kayaking in Alberta

We have been traveling with our four kayaks on the roof of our truck and even though we have been using them along the way it was really nice to get to enjoy some whitewater in Alberta.

Our first paddle in Alberta was on the Elbow River that flows into the Bow River. A big thank you goes out to Randell, Erika and Baby Noa for letting us stay at their place and for providing us with shuttle, more than once!


Both sections that we did were mostly class I/II which made for a nice scenic float of the city. We even got to float by the stampede!


What we loved about Calgary was that it had two rivers flowing through the city. But what we loved even more was the fact that if you drive an hour or more outside of Calgary not only will you see the mountains but you will find an endless amount of rivers and lakes.


The Kananaskis River is a beautiful clear river that has class II/III rapids on it. Making it an easy river that allows you to work on your skills or you can just enjoy the scenic paddle.





We lucked out and found a beautiful spot to spend the night right beside a lake surrounded by mountains.



We woke up in the morning to head to another river, the Elbow River. It’s the same one that goes through Calgary but we did a different section. Mike and Randell wanted something a bit more challenging so being a nice wife and all I set up shuttle and let them run some waterfalls.


When they got to the take out the first thing they both said to me was “you’re doing this river”. Randell set up shuttle for Mike and I so we put in below the waterfalls and ran the bottom half which was mostly class II/III.
It’s probably one of the nicest rivers I have ever paddled. The clear water, canyons and continuous flow was perfect.




And every night after paddling we would get off the water only to look for more water, but to sleep beside.


Our time in each province has been too short. It would take a lifetime to explore each one the way we would want to. But I am quite thankful to have this experience to explore our country by truck, kayak, and foot.