Our Honeymoon Part II – The Prairies

The prairies don’t get enough credit. People always say how boring and flat they are. When I drove across Canada the first time with my dad and sister we stopped in Regina to visit my Uncle Lee and I remember asking my dad if he could just leave me there and pick me up on the way back. That’s how much fun I had there. It wasn’t the fields of wheat or yellow flowers that made me want to stay but it was hanging out with my cousin and uncle who I rarely got to see. So when we decided to drive across Canada to Alaska for our honeymoon we didn’t really make a plan. But the one spot I said we had to stop was my Uncle Lee and Bobbi Jo’s place in Saskatchewan. We drove straight from Dryden, ON to Regina, SK.



We passed over the flooding that was happening in Manitoba where roads were under water due to the rising water levels on the Assiniboine River.


When we reached Saskatchewan the sky got darker and the wind got stronger blowing our kayaks around on the top of the roof.



Everyone says Saskatchewan is flat. It’s not true. We exited off Highway 1 and headed towards Lumsden and Craven to find ourselves driving in a valley of rolling hills beside the water. I was shocked. I had no idea Saskatchewan had this kind of scenery.




Not only was the scenery beautiful but the variety of birds we saw on our kayak adventure was truely amazing. We had pelicans floating with us for quite awhile on our 20km paddle down a river in Saskatchewan.



Kayaking Lake Superior we were happy to have our Level Six gear on to keep us warm and dry. Kayaking in Saskatchewan we were happy to have it on for sun protection. If we’re kayaking, we are most likely wearing something if not everything from Level Six.

Aside from the kayaking, we got to test drive some pretty fun toys.

Including the 2014 Corvette


The 69 Mustang GT


And the Charger


Our stay in Saskatchewan was too short. It seems every place we go we end up loving so much that it makes it hard to leave. It’s going to be hard to leave tomorrow morning because I hate saying good bye. Although I know it’s not goodbye. It’s see you later. Goodbyes are for people who will never see each other again. I know I’ll be seeing my Uncle Lee, Bobbi Jo and the family again. Hopefully sooner than later.

Because I hope you’re reading this, thank you so much for your hospitality these last couple days. You were an important part of our honeymoon and we are so happy we got to spend these last few days together. Love you guys always and forever. Xo