Our Wedding

When we began planning for the wedding I knew exactly what I wanted, a big picnic. And I got it.

Our ceremony began at 11am and many people had questioned the time wondering why we’d want to get married so early. I wanted to get married at 11 because Mike is my best friend. If there is anyone I wanted to spend my wedding day with it was him (obviously). People always say to enjoy every moment because once it’s over that’s it. By having it so early we were able to do our pictures and then spend time with family and friends who travelled to be there.

Now I’ll tell you about the rest through pictures.

I wanted wild flowers so we picked our own flowers.



We had 3 favours; blue spruce trees, M&M’s in mason jars and tiny KEEN sandal key chains. They were a hit. We had nothing left over by the end of the night.


All decorations were made and/or provided by the mothers. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated their help. Our mothers are both very artistic and creative.


Our guest book was a finger print tree drawn by my mom. It is now hanging up in our bedroom as a piece of art to remember our wedding day and our guests.



The cake was made by Mike’s mom, Andrea. I’m still not quite sure why she doesn’t do this for a living. She’s incredibly talented.



I wanted our groomsmen and ring bearers to be comfortable which is why I chose Columbia PFG for them to wear. Not only did they look good but they will be able to wear their groomsmen outfit again and again. Not to mention it’s quite affordable.



I also wanted the girls to be comfortable and since everyone has different tastes and style I let them pick their own dress and colour from wherever they wanted. The only thing I requested was that it was earthy colours so blues or greens.


We had two wonderful photographers, Charlene and Carrie. But because we all know I wouldn’t have been able to wait for the pictures we had Mike’s cousins take photos with his camera and our best man walked down the aisle with our MOH and our new GoPro.



Since our wedding was an all day thing we wanted people to have fun. We laid out games such as redneck horseshoes, bocci ball, bean bag toss, tic tac toe, and a slack line.



Because it’s not that easy to slack line in a big wedding dress I decided to change shortly after the ceremony into something cool and comfortable. And so did Mike. He joined his groomsmen by putting on a light Columbia shirt.




We also wore KEENS all day because we knew our feet wouldn’t be comfortable any other way.


One of our favourite parts of the day was definitely Upstream Dave. We’ve both spent lots of nights singing and dancing with Dave so when we were trying to decide on our entertainment for the wedding we didn’t even search for other options. We knew we would love him and turns out everyone else did as well.



There were times before the wedding where I was stressed. Just hoping everything would work out from weather to food and it did. We had an amazing day. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. It was everything I hoped for and more. If I could give any future brides advice it would be not to stress the small stuff. A wedding is a party not a performance and if at the end of the day you are married than everything went perfectly.

And make sure you smile so much that your cheeks hurt.