Kayak Camping

This weekend was my first time ever kayak camping. As a child I did a ton of canoe camping with my dad in Algonquin park. I have also used small aluminum boats to get to my campsite but I have never went by kayak. I was quite amazed when I saw how much we could pack into such small spaces. All of our camping gear fits into one boat! We had so much room that I regretted not packing the slack line and more food. Now I know for next time, as this definitely will not be my last time kayak camping.


I’ve been asked before about what I wear while kayaking when the water is cold. I always wear a Level Six dry top or splash top depending on what kind of kayaking we are doing and under layers underneath. It helps keep me dry AND I noticed this weekend that they also act like a bug jacket when out on the water.



It was pouring rain and thundering as we left the house. But we decided to go anyways and when we set off on the water for our campsite I knew it was going to be a good weekend.


Camping can be a lot of work but the hard work pays off for that moment where you can relax in a hammock watching the fire you created smoulder away into coals that are PERFECT for cooking s’mores on.




One thing I have learned about camping is that you want good footwear. Although I believe that you always need good footwear, good shoes are very important while camping. I wish more people practiced leave only footprints, but it’s not always the case. I have stepped on broken glass in and out of the water before. Clams have also been known to cut a foot or two. That is why I recommend trying out water sandals from KEENCANADA. They are breathable, comfortable, and durable. I really love my Clearwater CNXs and Mike loves his Newports.






Relaxing is great but we find it sometimes hard to do so we passed the time by kayaking to the Mountain Chute dam. The most important producer of graphite in Canada during the first half of the twentieth century was the Black Donald Graphite Mine which was located near here. All production ceased in 1954 and in 1967 the site was flooded by the headpond of the Mountain Chute dam. This large dam holds a lot of history.


We also enjoyed playing photographer which is part of the reason I have a blog. I love being able to write about our adventures and include pictures to go with it.





Remember, you’ll never see the stars if you’re always looking down. Keep your head up.