Our Backyard

I guess technically the title should be Our Front Yard because that is where I captured most of these pictures. We live in the country, on a semi dead end road and the majority of our traffic is during hunting season or maple syrup season. Otherwise our traffic jams consist of deer, wild turkeys and sometimes cows. I grew up in this type of environment and love it. There is nothing more peaceful than an open window on a Spring night with the sound of frogs echoing through the house.

Last night I went outside to play around with a new lens we got for our camera. Needless to say I didn’t have to go very far to find the shots I was looking for.





I enjoyed following these two love birds around. The affection they showed toward each other was like two best friends in love with each other.


Just when I thought I was done I started walking towards the house to put the camera away and came across this guy. I got a nut for him but turns out he wasn’t interested in it. He just ended up hoping past it to chase his friend around the yard.


His friend wasn’t interested in playing. He was busy working.


While my eyes were focused on the chipmunks I had this guy hop right by me. Maybe he was jealous and wanted to be in the picture too.


Unfortunately the deer and turkey’s were hiding somewhere so I didn’t get to play photographer with them last night but that’s okay. These guys were great models! It’s really amazing the amount of wildlife that can be right in your back yard if you look closely. These are just a few of the many animals that hang out around our house.

I am very thankful to be surrounded by nature every day.