Mackfest 2014

This past weekend we went to a kayaking festival called Mackfest which is located in Marmora, Ontario. To be honest we didn’t really go for the “festival”, we went to paddle some of the hwy 7 runs with some friends. Which really is what a kayak festival is about anyways; kayaking with friends.
The hwy 7 rivers are known to be a good introduction for creeking and since it is my second year ever paddling a creek boat, I was excited to experience some new whitewater.

We started with one of the easier rivers, the Salmon River.


I made it through the day without flipping other than once to practice my roll. I have never purposely been upside down in that cold of water before and it actually isn’t that bad. Especially if you have the proper gear, like a Level Six Dry Suit.


It’s not just the water in the face that makes kayaking fun and exciting, but the friends that come along with us. It wouldn’t matter what the weather was like, kayaking with these guys kept me smiling the whole way down the river.


I debated writing about this next part because well for one, I don’t like writing if I don’t have pictures to go with it and for two, I am still mad at myself.

The next day we kayaked the Beaver which I was ready for but I let something small ruin my day.

I swam.

I made it through the first rapid fine, flipped, rolled and went on my way with a bit more confidence than before. But then all it took was me going sideways into a hole which caught me off guard because I’ve never been in that situation before. What frustrated me the most was my reaction. I didn’t even try to roll, I just pulled right away. I immediately felt like I lost all my confidence, I was back to square one.

But I wasn’t. Because isn’t it better to have tried and to have failed than to have never tried at all? I think so. I ended up getting back in my boat the next day and this time I succeeded.

Just remember…

“The only real failure is the failure to try.” -Charles R.Swindoll