Fulton’s Pancake House

Thanks to Ontario Highlands we had the opportunity to spend the day at Fultons Pancake House and Sugar Bush.

This well known maple syrup farm is located between two beautiful small communities, Almonte and Pakenham. It is one of Lanark County’s best loved sugar camps.

There are 160 years and five generations of history and experience that goes into every bottle of Fulton’s Pure Maple Syrup. No wonder it is so delicious!

While visiting Fulton’s, it is a must that you try their pancakes and their home made maple syrup. If you have never tried real maple syrup before then be prepared to change over. And once you change over to the real stuff, there is no going back. Sorry Aunt Jemima!

Photo by Trevor Lush

After filling ourselves with pancakes and sausage we hopped on a wagon for a sleigh ride with horses through their sugar bush. I am extremely jealous of the amount of their sugar maples.

Photo by Trevor Lush

After our sleigh ride we had a really neat opportunity to talk to a bushcraft expert, Chad Clifford. He showed us how to carve a flute and a wooden spoon. They were both really neat but carving wooden spoons may become a new past time of ours since we have the tools to do it (all you need is wood, some coals, a stick and a knife).

Photo by Trevor Lush

Photo by Trevor Lush

Photo by Trevor Lush

Fulton’s Pancake House doesn’t just have delicious pancakes, they have an endless amount of products in their shop that are made with maple syrup or maple sap. One of my favourite products was their hand lotion. After getting a hand massage from one of the staff members, I was sold.

Photo by Trevor Lush


Whether it’s the first thing you do when you get there or the last, you need to try their Taffy. Sticky but delicious!

Photo by Trevor Lush

Fulton’s Pancake House and Sugar Bush is a great place to take children or adults to learn about the process of making maple syrup. We learned some interesting facts that will help us while making our own maple syrup this year. It is a delicious outdoor experience that anyone can enjoy.