Ontario Highlands Photo Shoot

This Winter we were given an amazing opportunity to be a part of a photo shoot with Ontario Highlands. When they asked us if we wanted to model for them, I was thrilled, shocked and didn’t hesitate to answer. Especially when the details of the email included winter activities such as visiting Fulton’s Maple House and skiing at Calabogie Peaks.

The purpose of the photo shoot was to build up Ontario Highlands imagery database by capturing authentic and natural images that can be used in advertising.

We got to work with some amazing people over the course of the weekend including the ladies from Ontario Highlands, Trevor Lush (Photographer), Yoshi and Nick Pujic (Videographers). It was really neat to be behind the scenes getting to experience how tourism advertisements are made.

One thing I will say that was strange for us was not being the one taking the pictures. Mike and I are always taking pictures and to have a photographer following us around for the weekend was extremely exciting and unusual. But we loved it. Kind of wish we could have Trevor with us on all of our adventures.

Day 1

Fulton’s Maple House

I hadn’t been to Fulton’s Maple House since I was a child so my memory of it was vague and after spending the day there eating pancakes, going on a sleigh ride, learning how to carve a spoon we have already planned to go back with friends and family. It is a delicious outdoor experience that everyone can enjoy.

Photo by Trevor Lush

Photo by Trevor Lush

Photo by Trevor Lush

The Stone Cellar

After the pancake house we went to Perth to do a little shopping and some fine dining at The Stone Cellar. I am not usually a fine dining kind of person as we rarely go out for meals but this restaurant made me wanting to go back for more. Not only was the food delicious but the service was extremely friendly and that means a lot to me.

Photo by Trevor Lush

The Best Western Perth

After a full day of activities we were ready to relax. We were able to do so at the Best Western Plus in Perth. But before we could put our feet up we went and relaxed in their hot tub followed by a swim in the pool. Talk about a relaxing way to spend an evening after being outside all day. We were rather impressed with the hotel. It is not very often you stay somewhere that feels as cozy as your home.

Photo by Trevor Lush

Day 2

This part of the photo shoot was done right in our backyard, or what I like to call our backyard; Calabogie.

Calabogie Peaks

Calabogie is one of my most favourite places on earth and I am not just saying that because I live here. This area has a bit of everything especially in the winter. We started off the morning by downhill skiing at Calabogie Peaks, then we switched from our slope skis to our cross country skis and hit the trails. There was also some snowshoeing fit in between those activities.

Photo by Trevor Lush

Photo by Trevor Lush

Photo by Trevor Lush

Okay, so we all know I couldn’t handle going through the whole weekend without taking any of my own pictures. Turns out the photographer caught me in the act… Whoops!

Photo by Trevor Lush

Photo by Trevor Lush

Photo by Trevor Lush


So I officially have a new profound love for Almonte. We live 40 minutes away from the cute little town but I have never been there before. Since going there for the photo shoot we have already went back twice to explore it a little more. There are some really neat little shops along the Main Street, like Hello Yellow and an amazing coffee shop nearby. I am not a big coffee drinker but I do like coffee and I would drive to Almonte just for Equator Coffee.

Photo by Trevor Lush

Photo by Trevor Lush

Photo by Trevor Lush

And there you have it. Our first and hopefully not last photo shoot because well, it was just way too much fun!

This is just a glimpse of what there is to do in Ontario Highlands in the winter. And if you think winter looks like fun, get ready for a Spring and Summer full of warm weather adventure!