First paddle of the Season

I always like to write about things I am excited about or things I am passionate about and as much as a couple hours on the water may not seem like something worth writing about, it is to me.

Kayaking is probably my favourite sport out of all of them. Whether flat water or whitewater, lakes or rivers, if there is water, I want to be on it.

This morning we woke up and randomly made the decision to go buy two sea kayaks. The price was right and we are so ready for kayaking season.


So why Sea Kayaks?

-Mike loves his whitewater but doesn’t love flat water as much. Im hoping since sea kayaks are faster for flat water this may help him enjoy it more.

-we are headed on a kayaking and climbing road tour this summer for our honeymoon and sea kayaks may come in handy for paddling Lake Superior, Alaska and the shoreline of Vancouver.

-who wouldn’t want a collection of kayaks?


We had to trudge through knee deep snow to get to the put in but thanks to our Level Six Dry Suits we stayed warm and dry.


I was so excited to finally be in a kayak that I barely noticed the layer of slush floating on top of the water. I’ve kayaked around floating ice but never on top of it. It’s such a neat feeling. Also makes for a unique photo opportunity.



We weren’t able to kayak very far with the ice growing thicker as we paddled on but we were able to spend quite a bit of time just playing around making trails and writing our names in the slush.



If I wasn’t already excited enough for kayaking before, I sure am now. Especially now that I have the proper clothes from Level Six I will be able to extend my paddling season by two months!

Starting now, with our first paddle, even though it was flat, at least we got out before April!