Everyday is Earthday

I have been called a hippy, tree hugger, trendy and hopeful, as I take all of these as a compliment it makes me wonder why caring for the environment has become identified as a certain type of person.

My friend Laurie inspired me to make a goal. I decided to pick something I was good at which is social media (or so I have been told-it’s probably more due to my use of it) and I decided to use it to try and make a difference.

That’s how

(Designed by my sister, Helen)

was created.

I made a twitter and Instagram account in hopes to make the hashtag #donotlitter grow.

My goal: to post pictures of me, myself and others picking up litter, pictures of nature, pictures of animals and pictures of the results of littering. I hope to inspire others to go out, pick up litter and if they want to share it under the hashtag they can because you never know who else you may inspire.


I hope to host a community clean up or gather friends together for a 4×4 tour to all our favourite lakes to clean them up. Possibly even whipper snipping, planting flowers and adding a tin garbage can at the culverts. The snow is going to melt soon and the laziness of people will become visible in the ditches, along our shore lines, and in the fire pits at campsites.
If we can’t inspire people not to litter maybe we can inspire people to pick it up. The feeling of making nature beautiful again is a reward in itself.


I didn’t write this one for me. I wrote this one for nature. Hope I inspired someone. Two hands are better than none.