Diamond Lake

This winter we went to Diamond Lake twice to ice climb. We heard about it from friends and saw pictures so we decided to check it out. Diamond Lake is located near Palmer Rapids and there are two ways you can access the lake. The first time we went was January 4th, 2014. We parked at a boat launch on Diamond Lake road. From there we snowshoed in


And went across the lake to meet our friends where they were already climbing.


I’m not sure what this one is called but it was fun. The ice was hard that day.


We turned the corner to look for the ice along the lake that we had seen in pictures and we found it.


This climb is called Guardian Angel. It was a fun, fairly vertical climb that got my arms pumped near the top. It definitely made us want to go back.

So we did.

Today, March 1st, we went back with our friends Luke and Megan. This time we parked on Finch Rd where they chose to ski in and we hiked in to climb. The distance to get to the main wall is shorter this way.


In two months it definitely had seen a lot of climbing. It was quite stepped out. Algonquin College takes their students there for their ice climbing course. It was still really fun and quite challenging. The wall had lost ice in some areas but gained ice in others. That’s what I find interesting about ice. It’s always changing.


After climbing for a bit here we went to teach Megan how to ice climb on a smaller section. I have never lead before and have always wanted to but I have never even tried to put a screw in the ice before. It was the perfect spot for me to learn. I lead my first pitch which may have been 15ft high but you have to start somewhere, right?




It was also a fun spot to try out some different camera angles.


I’m assuming this was our last time there this year. Even though when I think it’s going to warm up and start to thaw it ends up being -20c all week. So you never know!

Diamond Lake is a fun place to ice climb because
– there are a variety of climbs ranging in difficulty
– a flat frozen lake makes a good place for setting up a tripod, standing around, setting up, etc.
– the scenery is beautiful