Smoke to Flames

I was 16 years old, sitting on my parents couch. My parents have this beautiful wood book shelf/ entertainment stand that is filled with books, pictures and memories. As I was sitting there watching tv before heading out to visit friends, a book started smoking, it quickly went from smoke to flames. I yelled at my mom who was in the kitchen and we managed to put out the small fire with water.
We were clueless. How did that just happen? We looked all around for clues but couldn’t find anything. Then I saw it. I had a two way mirror that I was using to pluck my eyebrows with minutes earlier. I had set it down with the magnified part facing up. When I looked at the mirror and then towards the book shelf I could see it. There was a small dot of light shining on its next victim, another book.

If we wouldn’t have been home, our hole house would have burned down to the ground and it would have been my fault.

I lived in that house since birth, so at the time 16 years of memories would have turned into ashes. I felt horrible but my parents were supportive and since nothing major did happen it got dismissed. But I never forgot.

I make sure all my mirrors in my house or located in specific spots so the sun can’t reach them. I do not use hand held mirrors anymore and/or if I do, they are kept in a cupboard. It’s a scary thought, especially when your house is full of memories.

That’s why I am writing this. Not for you, but for me. I have decided to go around my house and take pictures of all of our decorations/furniture because everything in our house is sentimental. We don’t have walmart paintings or ikea lamps, everything has a meaning. I am posting some on here and will continue to post the rest on twitter because as creepy as it may be, the nice thing about the internet is once you post something it is there forever. It is a place I can keep my pictures and memories safe.

This box is handmade out of wire and was given to us by Mike’s great aunts while we were visiting them in Slovakia.

Got this guy while in Iqaluit, Nunavut with Sarah and Mike. Bought it from a local.

Got this bowl from a store in Beachburg when I went to buy my first whitewater kayak.

My dad’s old snowshoes.

Earring organizer my mom made for me out of an old picture frame.

Two paintings that my sister Helen painted. We have them hung in our kitchen.

His mom painted Mt.Cook, New Zealand for Mike because he lived in New Zealand for awhile.

Mike’s best man made us this chalkboard for a housewarming gift.

I worked at Gourley’s for 5 years and one of my customers made this for me.

A wooden leaf my mom gave me because she said she saw it and thought of me.

This wooden sled was a housewarming gift from Mike’s mom.

My dad’s friend was cleaning out a cottage and found this so he gave it to us.

That is all I have taken for now, I will continue to take a picture or two a day and will be posting them on twitter.