22L Vixen Trail Pack

I wanted my first Columbia Sportswear review to be on their baselayers because I literally live in them all winter long but after taking this back pack snowshoeing today I thought it deserved some attention.

Why I love it:

Reason 1 – the support.

I have a bad back. I’m not sure why, I have seen the chiropractor, and that helps for a bit but it still hurts, especially when I wear back packs. We went for a 10km snowshoe today and enjoyed a shore lunch while watching it dump snow. I have always fought past the pain but I would complain at least once that my back hurt. Not today.

Reason 2 – the fit

It has a women specific fit and I didn’t think that it would make that much of a difference, but it did. It is extremely comfortable to wear around for a long period of time.

Reason 3 – the size

It is a 22L pack which is a great day pack. I have used it for iceclimbing where I carried my crampons, harness, webbing, slings etc… Pretty much everything except the rope.

For snowshoeing I have carried lunch, s’more ingredients, tea, water, the essentials and much more. I tend to usually pack quite light for day trips.

For skiing it is nice to use it to keep a lunch in it. Skiing is expensive enough as it is that it can be fun to bring a lunch, take off your skis and sit for a minute to enjoy the view.

Reason 4 – the style

No need for words, just pics.


Reason 5 – the people

Columbia is more than just a brand. There are some great people behind those 8 letters.