Addicted to Social Media

Some people have asked me why I blog.  The reason why I blog is because I love to write but when I write in my journal I don’t get recognition for it, no one reads it.  When I write on my blog, people read it or at least that’s what my stats are telling me.  

I wrote this in my journal on a plane on my way to the omnigames, an event that Columbia Sportswear put on for their omniten team.

I decided to share it with you.

I am excited about the trip because each season Columbia picks 10 people to test their gear and go on a really epic trip.  For some bizarre reason I got picked.  I have no idea how or why they picked me other than it’s probably due to the amount of stuff I do.  I am excited to meet all these people who I talk to on a daily basis.  It is crazy what technology has done, I’ve created friendships with people without even meeting them.  

I met this really amazing girl in the airport, Chantal.  I approached her because I wanted someone to talk to, in real life, not through my fingers.  We shared a lot of similar interest and thoughts.  While we were chatting we couldn’t help but notice the people surrounding us.  Everyone was on their iphones, ipads, kobos, smartphones, etc… All looking down, their fingers working fast.  For a moment it made me sad.  People don’t talk as much anymore and I am one of those people.  

I am even so guilty for it that I am on this trip because of the amount of social media I do.  I am addicted and I’ll be the first to admit it.  Is social media and technology that bad? Yes and no.  

This trip really pointed out my addiction.  I am flying to Utah courtesy of Columbia Sportswear not just because I do a lot of outdoor activities but because I am an influence through social media. – Wow!

I try making myself feel better about using social media so much by reminding myself about the amount of free stuff I have received and the contests I have won (which saves me a lot of money), I tell myself these people are my friends (yet we’ve never met), and I tell myself it’s the same as watching TV or reading a book (instead I’m reading blogs). 

But then Mike will say something to me and I’ll have to say pardon, because I was in the middle of texting, reading a tweet, or reading  a blog.  I am not fully listening.  It needs to stop.


 I need to put the phone away or on silent.  I need a break from social media/technology. But how do I do that when my phone controls my life?

It’s my:

-alarm clock                           -notepad

-bank account                        -phone book

-accountant                            -GPS

-camera                                  -map

-dictionary                              –calendar

It’s how I booked this flight and it’s how I keep in contact with people I love.

So when I think to myself, should I take a break from social media?  

I’d have to say yes.

But does that mean I can’t touch my phone? No.  I still need technology.

I don’t own an alarm clock, online banking saves me time, and I love taking photos.

If it weren’t for social media killing my battery life I wouldn’t have met Chantal tonight, a new friend, and now thanks to social media and the internet we can keep in touch.

I guess it’s just something I don’t want to accept, my addiction and the world’s addiction to technology.


That being said I am not giving up on Social media but I will be rethinking how I prioritize my time.

I enjoy writing and am looking forward to writing about my #omnigames experience.  



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