Wednesday, I hope

As you may know, I was headed to Park City, Utah on Monday to spend a week with Columbia Sportswear and season 4’s #omniten. With my alarm set for 3am I woke up in excitement

only to end in disappointment. My flight was canceled.


I can’t even begin to describe how I felt and still feel. I am devastated. It’s not everyday I get asked to go to Utah with Columbia Sportswear. And let me make it clear that it is no one’s fault but mother natures. I am actually starting to shift the blame towards global warming now and the way it has affected our weather.


I understand why my flight was canceled. The roads were horrible. There were many accidents. They canceled it for safety reasons and I respect that. But the timing couldn’t be worse.

As I stood there with a staff member from United Airlines she looked into every option possible. Rerouting me, flying with a different airline, checking the other airports for their flight status and nothing. Due to mother nature everything was canceled, delayed and fully booked.

So what happens now? I am rebooked to fly out on Wednesday. I will arrive in SLC at 10:50pm Wednesday night.

Am I bummed? Of course. For me and I am sure for most others it is not just about the gear we will be receiving from Columbia, it’s about the experience. It is about meeting my season and getting to spend time with them, real time. It may seem weird to some, but I already know quite a bit about my season.

Heidi: loves to run, loves mac & cheese, eats what she wants, snowboards and has two cats.

Joshua: snowboards, likes to wear buffs, loves climbing, does not own a cheese grater, and planks like a champ!

Seth: happily married, skis, fishes and is a husky fan.

Patrick: loves to travel, is a talented photographer, and has a beautiful girlfriend, Emalee Ann.

Dave: snowboards, fishes, hunts, climbs and wears t-shirts that have interesting sayings on them.

Wendy: Absolutely loves skiing, lives in Vermont, is an author (her book is a ski mystery called Double Black).

Beth: loves running, loves her puppy and is living life on the road with her husband.

Derek: loves to hike, loves to travel, has a beautiful daughter who he shares all of his adventures with.

Andrew: telemark freeskiier and avid fly fisherman. Catches a lot of nice looking trout.

Hopefully it doesn’t seem creepy that I know this much about these people I have yet to meet but since I was headed on a week long trip with these people I wanted to know a bit about them before we got to meet.

Am I still excited? Of course! A few thousand tweets ago (yes, I tweet a lot) I said “if I win the lottery I will hold a tweet up so I can meet all of my twitter friends”. I didn’t have to win the lottery. Columbia is creating the experience for me and I couldn’t be more grateful.

See you all Wednesday! (I hope).