Smiles at Smugglers

This past Sunday Mike and I woke up and decided to take a spontaneous road trip to Vermont. We had talked about going to ski somewhere over the holidays but didn’t know where until that morning.

We packed our gear and hit the road for the 5.5 hour drive to the beautiful state of green mountains.


It’s winter so the mountains were not green. The tops of the mountains were glistening with fresh white snow. Vermont is beautiful.


We arrived in Jeffersonville, Vermont right at dusk and with no plans of where we were going to stay that night we needed to find ourselves some accommodations. With the forecast predictions being -20C we decided car camping was not an option.

We stopped at the first place we saw which was Smugglers Notch Inn . We immediately liked its rustic look and friendly staff so with the right price we decided to book a couple nights.

Photo found on Smugglers Notch Inn website.

We brought our ski equipment and ice climbing equipment but decided to go skiing on our first day in Vermont. We woke up early and headed to Smugglers Notch for a cold morning of skiing. With temperatures being at -20C (without the windchill) we made sure we were bundled up without any skin showing. With my Columbia Omniheat on there was no need to complain about being cold. I stayed nice and warm with only my toes feeling the weather.


Smugglers Notch is a family ski resort that has a vertical drop of 2,610 feet and is the fourth largest in New England and the third largest in Vermont.

Vermont recently had the ice storm go through so the conditions were a bit icy but that’s mother natures fault. Not the resorts. The skiing was still great. I really enjoyed how long the runs are. With a 15 minute chairlift ride to the top it was nice to have a 20 minute ride down the hill. I loved it.



There are three things I really loved about Smugglers Notch and that was
1) The 2 person chair lifts – makes the runs less crowded.
2) The length of the runs.
3) Their environmental policy.


One thing I really believe in is it is not the conditions that make the hill, it’s the people and even with the cold temperatures the staff at Smugglers kept smiling.


In addition to great skiing, there is really great iceclimbing in the notch right by Smugglers. There were two sections that we got to climb which were called Workout Wall and Mystery Wall. Both offered excelled views of the area.





If you have your own equipment and want more details about where to climb in Vermont than check out NEICE which is a website for climbing in the Northeast.

If you don’t have your own equipment, check out Adventure Spirit Guides.

There are many other activities you can do located right in the notch such as snowshoeing, hiking, cross country skiing and more.

If you have never been to Jeffersonville, Vermont I would recommend checking it out. If for nothing else but the scenery, it is breathtaking.