Mount Pakenham

It may be small but let’s face it, we live in Ontario so there is no point comparing our ski hills to those in the Rocky Mountains.

This little local ski hill deserves some attention though. Mount Pakenham is where I learned how to ski. At 3 years old my parents took me to Pakenham for my first “real” ski experience (something other than the hill in our backyard). I have vague memories of my instructor saying “pizza” or “french fries.” What I do remember is gaining confidence fast because of the hill’s super friendly runs.

We recently went with our 4 year old nephew to Mount Pakenham. What I love about Pakenham is you can more or less start a child off on the chairlift right away. They have many great beginner runs that will allow a child to gain confidence instead of being intimidated. One thing Pakenham does that I love is they have dinosaur signs along one of their green circle runs. They are so cute and it is such a good idea that I had to take pictures.



The dinosaurs are there to encourage and motivate a child to make their turns. Our nephew was proof that the dinosaurs are a big hit!



Mount Pakenham is Eastern Ontario’s premier family ski, snowboard and tubing area. They also have two of the newest lifts in the region and they are just a short drive from Ottawa.

There is no doubt that this if a family friendly resort.




With all that being said, there are still some more challenging runs like their glade runs. Yes, Ontario does have some tree skiing, but you must be careful as the trail is tight.




One of the runs also provides a beautiful view of the Gatineau Hills and the valley.



Hate winter? Don’t have a winter hobby? Mount Pakenham is a great place to learn.

Know a child who wants to learn how to ski? Take them to Mount Pakenham and let their smile say it all.