A weekend full of ‘Trying Stuff’

This weekend wasn’t unlike any of our other weekends but it was really cold and really fun so I thought I would share.


With the temperature staying around -25C, it was indoor recesses all day. Not only do the kids need outdoor time but I need it as well. So as soon as I got home Friday night we put on headlamps and set out for a hike.



With a fire going in our shed, we came home and had a good bouldering session in our shed cave.


Another cold morning, with -20C being the average of the whole weekend, we headed to our local climbing crag in Calabogie for some iceclimbing. Most of the climbs are still not ready so we did the same one I wrote about recently. It’s just nice to be outside.





I really enjoy taking pictures of the ice every weekend to document it forming.


After climbing we headed to my staff party which was held at the Renfrew Curling Rink. The girls in charge of our staff social stuff decided to make it fun by #tryingstuff. They put together the teams and we spent the night curling and eating. My parents are avid curlers so I spent my childhood watching them play but only trying it once myself.

Needless to say, I loved it.



We also ended Saturday night with a bouldering session.


We woke up at 5:30a.m to leave at 6:00a.m for Bancroft to go iceclimbing for the day with a few friends. (It was a 2 hour drive) We had never ice climbed there before so we decided to go check it out. Ontario is known for having easy access to some well known climbs. Bancroft is definitely one of them.


If you look closely in this pic you can see the cliff in the background. We were picking out our climbs while enjoying a hot chocolate at Timmy’s.

It was definitely worth the drive. It was actually a multi-pitch climb which was nice because we had never done a multi-pitch for ice before. So it was something new!



It was also exciting because Mike got to lead on ice for his first time! I am hoping to try leading sometime soon. I am waiting to get out a few more times before I try it.


My favourite climb of the day was this beautiful blue WI5.


We grabbed some warm food from a Chinese restaurant in Bancroft and headed home.



We were outside the whole weekend except for bouldering, curling and sleeping. -20 and colder temps didn’t keep us from getting outside. You just need to dress for it!