5 reasons to join twitter

I have had some people ask me “why do you like twitter so much?” Well here are 5 reasons why you should join twitter and why I love twitter so much.

Reason # 1: The outdoor community.  

Need information on a specific sport?
Looking for a new climbing partner?
Just want to chat about how much you love the outdoors?

Then get on twitter.

Twitter has some amazing chats that include (but are not limited to) #climbchat, #atqa, #STPlive and #randommondaychat
Whether you love snow, running, skiing, hiking, etc… there is a chat for you!

These chats allow you to communicate with some really interesting outdoorsy people who you may end up becoming life long friends with.

One outdoor community that definitely deserves a look is the Outdoor Women’s Alliance.  You can follow them on twitter and instagram and I ensure you that you will most likely get addicted to looking up the #outdoorwomen hashtag. 

Reason #2

It is a place where you can vent, inquire, promote, and inspire.  

Reason #3


I added a large amount of exclamation marks because you really have no idea how many contests there are on twitter and the chances of actually winning.  To help you get a bit of an idea I will fill you in on my winnings since joining twitter.

My first win was a seasons pass to Calabogie Peaks. This was amazing for two reasons:

1. It is my local ski hill.

2. It was a SEASONS pass, not just one lift ticket.  

Other wins included:

~KEEN hiking shoes

~a $25 Wilderness Supply gift card (which I donated back so they could use it as a prize for a golf tournament with a good cause)

Swany Gloves which I won because I tweeted why I loved winter so much.  They also replied saying they couldn’t ship to Canada so I gave them a friends address in the states and they were kind enough to send her a pair too!

~ a tote bag from Ontario Travel which I won because I tweeted my favourite Ontario road tour.

~ 6 lip chaps from Climbon Products which I won for participating in a #climbchat

~ a hoody from Northern Park Apparel which I won because I tweeted a picture of “what keeps me warm”

And the most recent:

Tonight I won a $110 gift card plus shipping from Merrell because I tweeted a photo of how I #giveadventure


Do you really need more reasons? 

Incase you do…. 

Reason #4

Customer Service

I find customer service is lacking now a days.. You go into a store, people don’t seem eager to help anymore, some don’t even ask…
Whereas on Twitter, I find customer service is great.  You have a question for a company? Go on twitter, find them, and tweet at them… I guarantee you will have a response.  I have had numerous companies respond to my tweets within seconds offering extra assistance, giving me a number/e-mail to contact someone, or answering my question right on twitter.  Like Dave (@bluefoxCA) said on twitter the other day ” I value engagement over content. The sweet spot is a blend of both”. I couldn’t agree more and I feel like most companies on twitter do just that.  

Reason #5


Twitter has opened up so many connections for me.  Not only has it allowed me to meet people who I share common interests and passions with but it has allowed me to connect with some great companies.

For example:

Columbia Sportswear recently picked me to be an #omniten.  What does that mean? You can click here to read my post about it or you can click here to follow along on twitter and learn more about what #omniten is all about.  

Short version – it’s an amazing opportunity that Columbia gives to 10 people each season to test out gear and go on epic adventures. 

Thinking to yourself, how do I become an #omniten?
I’m not sure if I know how to answer this, but my advice would be to start #tryingstuff.  Already #tryingstuff? Start posting it to twitter and instagram so Columbia can see!

Another example is:

I am an ambassador for KEEN CANADA. What does that mean? I get to be apart of an amazing company that gives back and my shoe collection has grown a little bit :). 


Well, have I convinced you yet?