Inside or Outside, it’s still wrong

So tonights Ottawa Senators game inspired me to write this post. Before I get into it I will mention the Sens lost 2-4 to the Detroit Red Wings. It was still a good game though because I got to spend quality time with my fiance and his brother.



Now onto my rant…

Have you ever noticed the amount of garbage on the floor, under chairs, when you leave a hockey game?

Or all the popcorn bags and drinks left on the floor in a movie theatre after a movie?

Do you leave your garbage behind when you go to these sort of events/shows?

As I was leaving the Canadian Tire Centre I found a garbage can to throw out my popcorn bag. As I reached the garbage can I looked at my fiance and with a sarcastic voice said “look, can you believe it? There is a garbage can, RIGHT HERE!” (He knows my frustrations on this matter). A guy walking behind us said to me “you know there are people who come in after the games to clean up eh?”
My face got a little red and I politely replied with a 2 minute litter rampage, explaining it starts inside and works its way outside into nature. He had no reply to that and simply walked away.

That is what is wrong with today’s society!

We go to these events, leave our garbage behind because it is someone’s job to clean up our garbage!? I cannot even believe there is a job for this but I understand why there is. People are lazy and expect someone else to do it for them. Just like how we have drive thru everything
. There are drive thru restaurants, drive thru banks, drive thru pharmacies, etc… Which all make people lazy. But laziness is not an excuse for having no respect for our environment or for ourselves. I don’t care where you are whether it is a hockey game, movie theatre, classroom, beach, campsite, ski hill, etc. If you use something that creates garbage it is your responsibility to pick it up, not the person who gets paid to do it.

What are we teaching our children?

I apologize for every second post in my blog being about litter. But it drives me crazy. There is no other way to put it.

Please. Do not litter Inside or Outside. It is wrong no matter where you are.