Keen on KEENS

I was never one of those girls who had a closet full of shoes, if anything I had a lack of shoes.  I would purchase at least two pairs of flip flops from the dollar store in hopes that they would get me through the summer.  If you have ever owned flip flops from the dollar store or cheap sandals from anywhere I’m sure I am not alone when I say you might as well purchase duct tape with your footwear as you will need it along the way.  My running shoes and hiking shoes were usually brand name but extremely old, I literally wear my shoes until the sole comes off or there’s more than one hole in them.

Then I discovered KEENS.

My feet have thanked me and I no longer need to carry duct tape around with me, although I still do sometimes because you really never know when duct tape can come in handy.

I am not writing this to free advertise for KEEN.  I am writing this because not only does KEEN sell amazing footwear, they give back.

If you haven’t already heard of the KEEN EFFECT then you should check it out.

the KEEN Effect – a way for you to help fund projects designed to get people outside and responsibly enjoying the outdoors. Help us distribute $100,000 in funds by encouraging your favorite non-profits to take part in the KEEN Effect. Together we will spread inspiration and build stronger communities and a healthier planet.”

KEEN also donates shoes to Project Sole which is a humanitarian organization that uses shoes to improve our communities and make the world a better place.

There is much more to KEEN then just shoes.

But I would still like to show off my shoes because they seem to photograph really well.


Why do I love these sandals so much?

1. They are waterproof

2. My feet can breathe in them unlike most watershoes.

3. Added toe protection

4. They float !”>IMG_5109IMG_5150IMG_5153



I have kayaked in these sandals which involved portaging and stumbling over sharp rocks.

I have hiked in these sandals after being in the water and I didn’t find them uncomfortable.

I have used them for wake skating, stand up paddle boarding, and much more.

I love the Clearwater CNX.


Now, my favourite hiking shoes, the WOMEN’S BRYCE MID WP.

Why are these my favourite?

1. The high ankle support.


3. Extremely comfortable

4. I got engaged in them 2500m up on a mountain in Slovakia

IMG_3762 IMG_2809 IMG_2611 IMG_5506 photo-1 20130713-192057.jpg 20130713-190831.jpg 20130713-190224.jpg IMG_3763 IMG_2606climbing sea ice

I have hiked in Cuba, Nunavut, and Europe in these shoes as well as my local trails in Ontario.

I have crossed through creeks to get the perfect kayaking shot and repelled off cliffs to get the perfect climbing shot in these shoes.

I wear these shoes every day to work.

The Bryce Mid WP will not disappoint.


My everyday casual summer sandal is the EMERALD CITY 3 POINT.

Why? Why not. But incase you want some reasons…

1. Stylish

2. Comfortable

3. I no longer need Duct Tape

photo-3 photo 2 photo IMG_4795 photo-4 photo-5 photo 20130616-113929.jpg

I wore these sandals throughout Europe and the East Coast of Canada this summer.

I love using these sandals to belay in.

I wear these sandals to work every day in the Spring/Summer.

The Emerald City 3 Point Sandals  are a good choice for an every day summer sandal.


We use our feet everyday.  We should show them the support they show us.  Give your feet a treat by visiting KEEN.